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Appliance City

Testimonials is where we list our refurbished and new appliances for sale but we also sell quality new and used appliance parts online in our eBay store Please feel free to click around all our feedback and see what your neighbors have to say about us. 

Happy Days Ahead, Mike Usselman.


Our Sources: Google Appliance City rated Five Stars 4.7 (340 Google Reviews)
  Yelp Appliance City rated Five Stars 4.5 (84 Reviews)
  Amazon Appliance City rated Five Stars 100% positive in the last 12 months (42 ratings)
  EBAY Appliance City rated Five Stars99.4% Positive Feedback in the last 12 months (1196 Reviews) 




I needed to get the glass cleaned on my oven door. They don't normally provide this service but made an exception for me and took care of this quickly and on schedule. Thank you Terry, Angel, Allysun and the team, I really appreciate it!


Gary Beckler


A magical wonderland of refurbed appliances and they even have some appliance repair parts in stock. So dreamy and luxurious!




Very nice store they even took our broken stove when we needed it gone


Henry Sause


Terry is extremely helpful!


Cory Baxter


Great appliance selection and very friendly staff. We were in search of a mini 20” stove range and they had 3 older but well cared for machines to choose from. Prices are fair. Definitely will be coming back for more appliances in the future.


John Fisher


This place is great! They go out of the to help you with problems


Scott Carpenter


Well, it’s a sad thing when that inanimate, yet treasured member of the family for over 55 years (yes, our Thermador T-56 electric range lasted that long) finally decides it’s time to move on. Regal and majestic yet humble at center stage, her continued service to this Italian family made it too easy to take the star of our kitchen show “Nonna” for granted, until it wasn’t. She baked one last batch of biscotti last night before she rode away this morning. Cue the team at Appliance City and our Cucina Italiana continues! Allysun immediately understood my emotional attachment to the vintage aesthetic and durability, and was confident we could find a suitable replacement. She delivered. Terry was brilliant with his ideas concerning my 44” space working with their “new” old 40” Frigidaire range. Upon delivery it was shiningly obvious she had been cleaned and attended to by I believe George whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting. And Jason and Dante were so careful and patient setting up our new “Nonni” perfectly in place. What a delightful experience. Miguel leads a terrific team that easily turned our shock and grief into a welcoming situation. 4 hours in she’s already made a lunch time frittata and brownies are planned...Grazie di tutto Appliance City!


Cindy McDougall


Everyone I delt with were very helpful. Michael and Todd were helpful and made sure I was taken care of every step of the way. Will definitely be going here next time I'm in the market for quality used appliances


BrianJames Porteous


I recently moved and needed a washer/dryer and a new fridge. Checked out multiple used appliance stores and most of them had a range of brands to sell me but nobody seemed too knowledgeable or even willing to help.

Then I went to Appliance City. You ever get a vibe going into a place and just know they know their stuff? This is that place. Huge selection and the owner Mike took a significant amount of time to explain why they stick to certain brands/types of machines and why he recommended what he did for my specific situation. He was super patient and knowledgeable and just an all around nice guy. The whole experience blew me away. They are clearly skilled with a lot of experience and wanted to get me what I needed. Mike knew I was without a washer and dryer and worked it out to get them ready and delivered immediately.

There was no scummy sales tactics and the employees seemed fairly happy working there which is always a plus for me. I have no affiliation with them or anything, I’m just a dude who likes getting reliable stuff from people that know their industry and this place embodies exactly that.

I won’t ever buy a used appliance from anywhere else and I’m shouting their names from the mountaintops from now on.


Robin Kopps-Kopra


I couldn't ask for a better experience with getting our washer fixed. Our tech was professional, honest, and knowledgeable. 1000% recommend.


Danielle Daniel


An old surfer dude owns this place and they sell quality refurbished appliances... washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, reefers, etc. for very reasonable prices and they all come with a one year guarantee!!!
Just be ready to have your ear talked off for getting the best prices in N.E. Portland!!!


Brien Riley


Amazing service polite answered all my questions did not feel rushed. And they showed up for delivery when they said they'd be here and they even called ahead. I will do all my appliance shopping at Appliance City.


MaryJo Eaton


Please utilize this Cully gem. We had a refrigerator/freezer emergency. We were scouring Craigslist and all of the other marketplaces and having a lot of trouble. We decided to go to this local place that we had driven past hundreds of times. We received a warm welcome from Mike Usselman who identified our needs in a minute then showed several good options. Super knowledgeable, easy to talk with and not intimidating or pushy, and was very generous when we were in a tight spot. We learned a lot. Despite it being near end of day his team was able to bring a fridge out and take ours away. So many thanks to Mike and the team, the fridge works better than our old one did and we are super happy with the experience.




Business owner Mike and employees have integrity and great customer service. Our fridge/freezer stopped holding temperature so we needed a fridge fast. They showed us some units they could get to us quick that were budget friendly. When I mentioned haul away on our current fridge the owner Mike recommended we troubleshoot our unit and if that didn’t work then recommended to have his tech look at it before purchasing a new one. It ended up being something we could troubleshoot. He could have sold us a fridge rather than listen to us and diagnose in the fixable issue. He was honest and helpful. When we are ready to replace any appliances we plan to start here. I am so impressed with them!


Tasha Younkin


Our clothes washer, which we bought there, quit working. They came and fixed it. Great job. We love them.


Frosti McClurken-Talley


These guys are awesome, great price and excellent products. This is my 4th purchase and I am very happy.


L.M. Steele


I needed a part for my old, top load washing machine, so I went by to see if they had it. Mike Usselman, the owner, greeted me and not only did they have the needed part, but he refused to charge me for it! This is a great, family owned business that deserves your business. Thank you Appliance City!


Leigh Guyer


My freezer failed within a few weeks of getting it but they quickly did everything they could to make it right. Their technician was unavailable so they replaced it with a nicer unit and refunded my delivery fee. Each business representative I spoke to was polite and professional. The delivery people, the sales reps, the guy who processed the refund, all of them were great. Even though I got a faulty unit, they stood by their guarantee and made the process as painless as they could. It was unusually good service and I would definitely go to them again. They took what should have been a nightmare one star experience and turned it into a five star experience. I cannot emphasize enough how great the service was, across the board. Prompt, responsive, good prices, guaranteed products and wonderful staff. They deserve your business.


Seth Holland


Updating my review from 6 years ago, because my dryer stopped heating. We called Appliance City on Sunday morning and they said bring it on in. Took it in and they replaced the heating element. Got it home and it stopped heating again. Called them and they sent somebody out to our house within an hour or so. He replaced the thermal coupler. All good to go. No charge. A couple days later, the new thermal coupler blew. THEY SENT A TECH OUT IMMEDIATELY AGAIN! New thermal coupler and did some vent management. It doesn’t look like they are sending a bill for this visit either. I’m a customer for life!!!

2016 review follows here: Appliance City is my go-to appliance place. Got a new dryer there this morning. No muss, no fuss. I especially like the large selection and the general busyness of the place. Mike did a great job of helping me choose a dryer and getting me on my way. I will soon be folding clean clothes.


Houston Bolles


Terry is a real class act. I was looking for some appliance parts and he found some for me and they were in my hands a day later. He and his team are knowledgeable about all things appliances, and they put a strong focus on customer service. Support local businesses and give them a shot, you won't regret it.


Charles Voloshin


Woke up to dead fridge/freezer, had it checked by Ty and confirmed DOA and a new (used) one picked out and in my home by 5 pm THAT DAY. Granted, I live very close to the shop, but the whole process from first call to install and removal was professional, easy, and *genuinely* kind. I almost want to have more appliances die so I can use them again!


Seana Lane


Helpful staff. My dryer went out and called for service; instead of charging me for a problem that would cost more than a replacement, they let me know and helped me find something in my price range. They have a small space and a family business atmosphere.


Leah Johnson


Contacted Appliance City and spoke with Allison regarding a Frigidaire refrigerator looked at since it was making a loud buzzing sound. She advised it might be Monday since it was late Friday morning already, but she would speak with the repairman.
The repairman Ty called back and said he could be out in only a few hours, and was there right when he said he would be and fixed the issue quickly and competently. Great service by all involved and the price was very reasonable for such great service. Highly recommend Appliance City!


r h


The team at Appliance City is awesome and in particular Terry helped me figure what was wrong with my dryer and told me how to fix it myself and now it's working just like new! Thank you again.


Chelsey Haggerty


Terrific. Had in stock appliance oven light bulbs and the oven hood light bulbs (hard to find) were not in stock but were mailed to me within 10 days. Helpful and courteous.


Lisa N


Great customer service, and honesty from the owner. They know what they're doing and they don't try to get ya to buy anything out of your range. They're very informative on the models the have and can help ya find any appliance ya might need




Excellent customer service! I recommend them to everyone.


Dominic Webber


Great experience from product information to purchase to delivery. I couldn’t be more pleased


Susanne Dawson


These guys have always been super helpful! They usually can find the parts I need or tell me where I can find them. I have been coming to this place for years for my dryer and dishwasher DIY jobs.


John Hardiman


I had an excellent experience here. Great selection of high quality appliances. The staff is courteous beyond reproach. Very friendly and happy to please. I "HIGHLY "reccomend this business.


Josh Taylor


The landlord sent them out with a dryer when ours quit working right. I would definitely work with them again. They gave us great service. They were here exactly when they said they'd be, and were super friendly.


Peter Konrad Konneker


So grateful I walked into this place! Our oven died 2 years ago. It’s a down-draft style and difficult/expensive to replace because only 2 companies still make this. I had an appliance repair shop come take a look after it died and they basically said they couldn’t do anything because they couldn’t locate the model ID.
I happened to notice a used version at Appliance City, so went to check it out. After talking with Terry, he suggested we remove the heating element and he could test it for us. We did that and it was no good! So he ordered us a new one and it worked! We now have a working oven just in time for thanksgiving.
The biggest reason I’m writing this is because he could have easily sold me a $1500 used oven but he chose instead to help us diagnose and fix our existing one. Such a nice person and great experience!! Highly recommend and will be going back when our washing machine decides to kick the bucket!


Jennifer McMullen


Our gas oven's igniter failed, and it was very difficult to find a replacement. Someone recommended Appliance City, so I called. The man who answered - I assume one of the owners - was friendly & helpful. He checked their inventory & found they were out of the part I needed. And then, he said: "But I can tell you where you can probably find it," and gave me the name of another appliance store that carried parts! How many businesses recommend a competitor? That's CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY! Appliance City is now at the top of my go-to list for parts, and, should we need a new appliance in the future, the first place we'll go.


Margaret Hull


So friendly and helpful!


cecca wrobel


Great appliance to choose from. Friendly service with outstanding staff to guide you to buy the right appliance you’re looking for. They loaded the freezer onto my truck and made sure it was secure to drive home. Five star service


Hana Foods


Ty came in, immediately diagnosed the problem with my fridge not holding temp. New, stronger fan & presto, working fridge. He was courteous, explained things & worked efficiently. Cleaned up as well. Once again, excellent service from Appliance City staff from start to finish.


Louanne Floding


Got repair appointment on the same day. Repairman arrived exactly when he said he would. Diagnosed the problem and fixed in within less than 10 min. Sold me a used component to replace the faulty one for less than 1/2 the price of a new one, minus the wait time for ordering. Great experience!


Seth Needler


Excellent experience with Appliance City! These folks are customer-oriented. They are very friendly, fairly priced, and fast (delivery happened 4 days after our weekend purchase). We are so happy with our purchase!


Jen Dugger


Friendly, knowledgble, helpful........fair prices . great info in store and delivery crew friendly and careful with product and my house. All in all would give a couple more stars if possible


Patrick Berry


My dryer stopped heating. I wanted to try some basic fixes myself before having someone come out for a full service repair. Mark, a technician at Appliance City, was absolutely great in guiding me with what to try 1st, 2nd & 3rd, and we’d go from there. After hearing what I ran into, he fully diagnosed over the phone with me, (as well as my in-store visit) after I had tested/replaced a fuse or two, with what part likely was causing the problem. They had any parts I needed in stock. And I was able to fix it for about $30 all in thanks to their going above and beyond with excellent service. I’ve bought multiple appliances there over the years and will continue to give them any business I need due to their trusted suggestions and honest guidance in my purchases.


Aaron Johnsen


I've done business there for many years. I have had excellent success with their used appliances. Good service.


Wesley Walker


My mom loves the guys that work here


Greta VanEck


I got a newer used stove here just recently. Not only was the stove in perfect shape, the price was affordable and the delivery guy was quick and incredibly polite. Thanks so much!


Seda Kolbjorn


These guys are heroes! My husband and I looked for 5 days for a replacement for a broken part on our 1970’s Maytag washer. When I went to Appliance City, we found that the part was discontinued. It was not in any inventory anywhere - not in any store and not anywhere on the internet. So what did the 3 heroes do? They went into their secret appliance museum and salvaged the very part that we thought had ceased to exist. Appliance City is now our go-to for all our appliance needs.


Onecard Contractor


I purchased a beautiful vintage 1963 Frigidaire stove from them based on the pictures I saw online and was blown away when it arrived. It was even nicer than the pictures had shown! Everything works and the temperature for the heat settings is perfect. I've been cooking on it daily since I got it and can't believe how well it works. It bakes like a dream! They did a great job of refurbishing the stove and were really easy to work with concerning having it delivered. I live in WA and contracted a trucking company for pickup and delivery, and they were able to accommodate the date and time for pickup even though I had to reschedule twice. Great customer service and wonderful product. I highly recommend them.


Lisa Pryne


I purchased a vintage stove from Appliance City from Ohio and they were great working with me in getting it shipped to my house! I lined up a company to come pick up the stove from their location and they did a great job wrapping the appliance to protect it from damage as well as communicating to me when it was picked up and such. They also made sure the correct plug was attached to the back to fit my outlet at home. I can't recommend them enough! Thanks Appliance City!


Greeting Tree Farm


We purchased a fridge last year and the Appliance City team was extremely helpful and friendly. The price for the fridge was also very reasonable and affordable compared to other options we looked at. We really appreciated how accommodating they were for purchase, delivery, and installation. Even when the fridge had a part failure almost 6 months later, the Appliance City team came out right away (twice!) to help us fix it. They take great care of their customers! We’ll definitely be going back here and recommending them to any friends and family in the area.


Jenna Miller


I purchased a beautiful vintage 1963 Frigidaire stove from them based on the pictures I saw online and was blown away when it arrived. It was even nicer than the pictures had shown! Everything works and the temperature for the heat settings is perfect. I've been cooking on it daily since I got it and can't believe how well it works. It bakes like a dream! They did a great job of refurbishing the stove and were really easy to work with concerning having it delivered. I live in WA and contracted a trucking company for pickup and delivery, and they were able to accommodate the date and time for pickup even though I had to reschedule twice. Great customer service and wonderful product. I highly recommend them.


Lisa Pryne


As a first-time homeowner, I'm constantly looking for ways to save money. When my mom suggested I visit Appliance City, I was shocked to see what I could afford. Terry at Appliance City was extremely patient + helpful. He went out of his way to help explain what my options were, but I never felt pressured to buy anything. In fact, Terry recommended that I visit other places around town to compare prices... so I did some research and then promptly returned to Appliance City. I got a great deal on a gently used stainless steel range. On delivery day, Justin was courteous and kind. He gave me a 20 minute warning before showing up so I wasn't caught off guard. He removed the old appliance and replaced it with the new one within 15 minutes. I will definitely be a repeat customer of Appliance City.


Emily Volpert


What a wonderful experience. Purchased a new to us refrigerator on their website, and a representative called to schedule delivery. The delivery was actually early, which was awesome (they called first to make sure that was ok). They moved our old fridge out to our garage apartment, taking off our house doors as needed (they put them back on), being great problem-solvers and keeping a very positive attitude. They brought in our new to us fridge after carefully measuring everything and doing what they needed to get it all in (taking the doors off the fridge and then putting them back on). I don’t know if I’ve ever been so relaxed during a process like this. Thank you for your service and your intelligence and kind and positive attitude! :D


Kary Aloveah


I purchased a vintage stove from Appliance City from Ohio and they were great working with me in getting it shipped to my house! I lined up a company to come pick up the stove from their location and they did a great job wrapping the appliance to protect it from damage as well as communicating to me when it was picked up and such. They also made sure the correct plug was attached to the back to fit my outlet at home. I can't recommend them enough! Thanks Appliance City!


Greeting Tree Farm


Woke up to a defrosted freezer and a warm fridge right before a hideous heatwave, NOT a good situation. Funds are tight so buying used was my only option. Went to several stores but wasn't finding anything to replace what I had.

Mike, the owner of Appliance City, greeted me the moment I was through the doors and immediately surveyed his inventory to locate a replacement refrigerator within my budget. Mike found something for me and it was professionally delivered and installed the very next day including removal of my old unit.

Nothing but high praise and recommendations for this company, they went the extra step with exceptional customer service, separating them from their competition.


Carrie, Quite Contrary


I was born and raised here in Portland. If anyone ever needs any sort of appliance this is the place you a call. Honest, reliable and fast! It’s been some time since I need there help! I needed a refrigerator quickly. And a guy named Bryce came by and dropped off the new one had my old one out of here and the new one plugged in in 10 minutes. I’m a very happy camper! And the refrigerator they brought me is 10 times better than my old one.


Mitch Meadows


Buying used appliances can be SUCH a gamble. I was so nervous about picking the wrong washer/dryer that I went MONTHS without one because I was too worried about making the wrong decision. Finally, I settled on a pair of front loaders from Appliance City, and when they brought them my worst fear was realized- I chose wrong. The washer didn't work! Thankfully all of the staff at appliance city were wonderful, and when the tech couldn't fix it at my house they offered me a loaner to use, and ultimately replaced the washer with a similar model in a different brand. Trust me! And trust them- Appliance City WILL take care of you.


Rebekah Reed


Great company that I have used several times. Fair and honest. Called today to get a new stove and they saved me hundreds of dollars by helping me address the issue I was having! Lifelong customer here!


Jennifer Holt


I purchased a vintage stove from Appliance City from Ohio and they were great working with me in getting it shipped to my house! I lined up a company to come pick up the stove from their location and they did a great job wrapping the appliance to protect it from damage as well as communicating to me when it was picked up and such. They also made sure the correct plug was attached to the back to fit my outlet at home. I can't recommend them enough! Thanks Appliance City!


Greeting Tree Farm


I was born and raised here in Portland. If anyone ever needs any sort of appliance this is the place you a call. Honest, reliable and fast! It’s been some time since I need there help! I needed a refrigerator quickly. And a guy named Bryce came by and dropped off the new one had my old one out of here and the new one plugged in in 10 minutes.


Mitch Meadows


The folks at Appliance City helped me out again. This time is was for an oven heating element on an ancient range. Easy to deal with, super knowledgeable and always a fair price.


Pete Conklin


Just took delivery of a new-used range, and this company deserves all 5 of those stars. Price, condition of the range, professional and on-time delivery with a thorough check of function before the deliveryman left.


Laird Young


Great experience. Very knowledgeable.


Keith Buck


Evert facet of working with Appliance City, from conveniently parking and waking into the shop right through to the end of delivery was both a breeze and a pleasure. I was acknowledged right away, shown available options and had all of my questions answered while choosing my new (used) refrigerator. And the guys who delivered it were polite, conscientious and extremely pro! They measured everything, planned the route down the stairs to my apartment and made sure there would be no damage as they worked it in. Also, they did a great job communicating with me. Honestly, I can't say enough how pleased I am with the whole experience. I highly recommend!


Caron Parker


What a GREAT experience Bara Miller and I had with this company! Last week our washing machine decided to quit...serious bummer...and a head scratcher for both of us.

The real problem with the whole situation was that I had built the machine into our seriously tiny floating home with almost no way to get it out without tearing out doors and trim.

Enter Appliance City!

They were able to rebuild and provide me with all of the parts to get the thing running like new!

Aaron, Mike and the rest of the crew were all over it!

I highly recommend them for all of your appliance needs in the Portland area!

Thanks again!


Seamus Holley


Excellent customer service and value. I needed a genuine OEM replacement part for my clothes dryer. They ordered the part and had it available for pick up the following day. They charged me less than what I could find on-line.

The store is full of used and refurbished appliances at reasonable prices. There is a reason why they have been in business for so long, they put the customer first. Highly recommend!


Just Rob


Our technician was a true pro! We ordered the wrong kind of dryer, and he was still able to find a replacement and install it the same day! World class service, highly recommend....




This place is great! Friendly people, appliances that are slightly used, vintage and older ones that have been refurbished and keep running. Love Appliance City!! Marika Feibel Elevate Real Estate in business with Inhabit


Marika Feibel


I purchased a beautiful vintage 1963 Frigidaire stove from them based on the pictures I saw online and was blown away when it arrived. It was even nicer than the pictures had shown! Everything works and the temperature for the heat settings is perfect. I've been cooking on it daily since I got it and can't believe how well it works. It bakes like a dream! They did a great job of refurbishing the stove and were really easy to work with concerning having it delivered. I live in WA and contracted a trucking company for pickup and delivery, and they were able to accommodate the date and time for pickup even though I had to reschedule twice. Great customer service and wonderful product. I highly recommend them.


Lisa Pryne


Great place to get used parts at a fair price .....the guy I dealt with was fair researched the part price online and matched it I had a 3 to 5 day wait went there got it right away same day


tomaray garner


They always seem to have exactly what I need and can't find elsewhere. Plus Mike and his crew back it up with exceptional service and a friendly environment (a rarity these days).


Lis Weller


My dryer broke on Saturday. I called Monday morning and ordered a new one over the phone. Two hours later, my dryer arrived and was installed, and the old one was taken away. The woman at the store and the two delivery guys were super nice and helpful. I have a beautiful dryer that was a floor model but never used, for less than half the price. Many thanks to Appliance City! I will be coming back when my washer is ready to be replaced.


Debbie G.


This will be my 4th positive experience with this company. Price is good. Every time staff does the installations. They have been on time and professional. This time I decided to take photos of the experience. On this run, which was our dishwasher. He even cleaned the floor after himself. I cant be more pleased with the ongoing positive transactions. My hat is off to you. Thank you


Steven Quick


Very happy with the level of service, attention to our needs, and with the used refrigerator we bought from Terry at Appliance City. They earned our respect.


Julie Good


Great prices, helpful friendly staff. Thanks for being awesome.


Jacob Gellinger


This place is absolutely astoundingly incredible mind-blowing shelves and shelves of parts and pieces and chunks and this and that of all kinds of different appliances and an incredible showroom of refurbished reconditioning incredible appliances for your kitchen and the most incredible customer service of all time fully recommend you coming here if you are the type of cheapskate that wants to save a dollar and go used with your appliance




Mike (Owner) is great at customer service, and has some hard working people working for him.
He is busy with covid for some reason, but ask for Mike and he will be honest about how he can


Chris Agudelo


I messed up fixing my stove and they were fantastic helping me not only get the correct parts, but also make sure the parts were installed correctly. They went well and above the extra mile


J.H. Varela


Amazing experience! Terry was so pleasant and helpful, he even took the time to show me all his vintage refrigerators. He gave us a great deal on a fridge for our food truck. We will be back for a vintage piece for our home.


Marissa Johnson


I spoke with a young woman by the name of Allison , and may i tell you i could not have spoken to any nicer in my life! she was so unbelievably helpful and kind went above and beyond the call of duty! They just don't make them like her anymore. great job Allison, and thank you so much for not giving up in finding my part.


Geri Lott


This place solved all of our problems. It turns out a broken refrigerator in covid times is a real pain in the butt. Mike and the team had plenty of options and worked to get delivery ASAP. I tried to buy new and got mediocre service and no options from all the big stores. Feel silly for not using these guys sooner. Will go again and refer friends.


Laura Mulshine


I have a vintage stove that wasn't working so I called and talked to Terry and he told me it was just a switch that wasn't at the correct setting. He saved me hundreds of repair dollars over the phone. Every other place I called wouldn't even consider helping because of the age of the stove. It pays to talk to a KNOWLEDGEABLE person. Thank you Appliance City!


Margie Langley


Friendly and helpful. They had the knobs I needed for our vintage stove.


Steffan Cowan


I was in hot need for a fridge today so I gave Appliance City a call. They were very helpful with selection. They helped by sending photos of appliances I needed. When I got there they were expecting me and even helped load! Great company great service


Bradly Botsford


These guys are great. Nice selection and a warranty way better than buying a used appliance off craigslist


Travis Decker


Our dryer went out on Saturday night and I was thrilled to find Appliance City open on a Sunday. I called and spoke to Terry about my issue and early diagnostic results from my multimeter. He suggested bringing the heating element in so they could verify continuity. I wound up bringing that along with the thermal fuse and theromstat. Upon arriving, I met him & the owner Mike. They found all three parts to be in working order and immediately asked if I had tested another connection, which I had neglected. As a courtesy, they gave me a used part and it was exactly what was needed to fix the dryer. If you are in need of parts or repair support for a home appliance, I would strongly recommend calling Mike and Terry first!. Thank you both for your help today!


Mike & Christine Blandford


This is the second used appliance we have purchased from them. Convinent and good prices. We just got a used fridge and there was a miscommunication and the wrong product was delivery. Mike was very responsive and ended up having us keep the newer more expensive fridge due the mix up for no additional cost. Great customer service!


Steven Ault


They are GREAT! I needed a small part for a dishwasher and I didn't have any cash. The cost was less than $5, so they just gave me the part. Not just one part, but TWO.


Ralph Austin


These people are so great! I went in needing a refrigerator ASAP and they were so accommodating and friendly and were able to squeeze in a same day delivery. Very knowledgeable. Very helpful. A GREAT local business.


S Lund


Appliance City, a great family. Really. Always ready to get you what you want. A) find it and/or B) fix it and/or C) deliver it, and/or D) all of the above. Whatever you choose, they’ll make your day happy :-) and successful! They are as fast as drying a cotton ball in a dryer! Did I say fast?! They are fast. Thank you always, for making my day. Cherie


Cheryl Smelser


Mike was STELLAR to work with. This company has been in his family for three generations and you can really tell they love what they do. We came into the shop today in a panic because our fridge decided to go out on us (during a quarantine of all times), and we were greeted with a big smile and welcome, and were shown every fridge they had to offer. Mike put us at ease immediately and was the most friendly and fun guy to talk to. They have the biggest selection of appliances you can think of that are well cared for and wonderfully priced. We purchased our beautiful new fridge at 11:00 a.m. and it was delivered and fully installed by 1:30 p.m. The delivery guys were amazing as well!! Very personable and easy going, especially considering we have a difficult pathway and stairs into our house. Overall, the best experience we could of had!! We are now customers for life.


Molli Reading


My first time here today looking for a used washer and dryer. Wow! Great company and philosophy--family owned--doesn't get any better than that I bought the set at 1030 am and it was delivered by 1 pm. That is service. Thank you Mike, we will tell everyone about our fantastic experience.


jamie croteau


I just bought my second refrigerator/freezer from Mike at Appliance City in the last 12 years and the first one is still running great and I use it in the garage. Angel and Jordan delivered it the next day and were very courteous and right on time. I can't say enough about the service and quality plus the money I saved


Bill Mehl


This place is amazing. I called all around and no one could fix our Samsung dishwasher. These people fixed it and at such a great price. I'll be their customer for life and I'll recommend all my friend and family to them. Thank you Appliance city for doing a great job!


Kateri Tapia


Excellent service! We recently had our dryer break and went to Appliance City with the intentions of buying a new one. Instead the team at Appliance City fixed our current dryer, and in doing so they saved us a lot of money! They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. From here on out we will always go to them for appliances.


Veronica Cochrane


Appliance City is so great! I have been a customer for many years. I love going to the shop. The staff are so friendly and helpful. They will go out of the way to help you get what you need. The delivery guys are wonderful also. They do what it takes to get your appliances installed and they are sweet and funny also. I highly recommend Appliance City.


Lorraine Mercer


Quick and easy. Extremely helpful


m hammac


It pays to shop family owned! I shopped directly with Terry. I couldn’t thank him enough for all he and the staff did. His customer service was incredible and unmatched. He did everything and more to ensure I got the new stove I needed for my business. Everyone in this store is so friendly and fun to work with. I almost can’t wait to need another appliance so I can come to Portland and shop here again. Oh, I also want to mention that the stove I purchased from them was in incredibly clean condition and operated better than I imagined. I loved my experience and love my new stove. Thank you Terry, and everyone behind the name Appliance City! Keep doing everything you do!


Brittney Gay


These guys are the best. So friendly and helpful and reasonable prices. Plus, buying refurbished is better on the environment. They even offered to help us problem solve fixing our old stove at no cost


Megan Bledsoe


Great used appliances and service.


Jim Ferriss


Great customer service


Kristen Brown


As a realtor specializing in mid-century homes, I send ALL my vintage-appliance seeking clients here! They ACTUALLY HAVE VINTAGE appliances in stock, are bringing in and cleaning up new ones all the time, and they restore them into safe condition. I swing by often just to peruse the new stock for my own home. Why bother with REPRO when you can get vintage restorations for half the cost?


alyssa starelli


I feel SO incredibly lucky that these guys are my neighborhood appliance store! Because if they weren't I'd drive as far as I had to to get to them. Their products, their service... it's like a mom and pop business that also adds the perks that other stores offer- like warranties. And they really honor them in a way that goes ABOVE and BEYOND. They know their stuff, too. Expect a really high level of expertise, but everyone there can explain any of it in a way that's really accessible.

I've bought multiple appliances from them at this point and have been supremely satisfied with how professional, friendly and helpful they've been. Right on down to details you WON'T get at a big box store- like borrowing straps to load appliances into your trailer. Or all the ways they help you out when you have questions, or need brackets for your stackable washer/dryer, or other random details.

Their hours are great, their inventory seems to rotate frequently too. And the prices can't be beat. What you get for what you pay is outstanding. It means a lot to have friendly folks available to help. I bought a fridge there that worked great, but it was making a weird noise that was driving me nuts. They sent out a repair person within 2 days and when it appeared unfixable, they replaced the unit with another (nicer) fridge, no questions asked, even despite me being a bit past the warranty period.

I'll be loyal to these guys for a long time and tell all my friends and neighbors to go to Appliance City.

thanks you guys!
amy davidson


Amy Davidson


Loved doing business with these guys! Shout out to Mike, Terry, Angel, Todd, and Darian! It's great to support a local family business, and they will take care of ya every step of the way.


Natalie Stringer


Amazing service and selection! Allysun was delightful and extremely helpful. She took pictures and texted them to me so I could see the options before having to drive from 30 miles away. I will do business with them again!


Tara Biderman


This was our second purchase from Appliance City! Mike, the owner, is super friendly and knowledgeable! He educated us on converting gas to propane and sold us a beautiful old stove. Goes really nice with the vintage refrigerator we got from him last year. We definitely recommend him and his store and will do business with him again!


Cheri Nigro


Very helpful in disposing of old appliances


Andy French


Friendly customer service and help me get my Samsung dryer dialed in better then ever thank you guys


Mikey Hernandez


Really cool staff


Shannon Thayer


Great place I just happened to stop by looking to replace an appliance. I was happily surprised that an old friend from high school days, had been working there for years. I finally got my self together and was amazed at the variety of all appliance types, and especially the numbers of very fine appliance of years gone by. Beautiful products and quality of their ability to make them beautiful.


Ron Wold


Excellent service; they take care of owned-im a repeat customer!


Narcisa NANCY Eral


This place is amazing! We walked in there and within 20 minutes we bought all four appliances we needed! The service was excellent. They were knowledgable about their product. They were willing to deliver what we needed and store the rest until our remodel was finished. Family owned. Friendly. Come here first before you go anywhere else!


Colette and Joshua Eaton


Great place friendly staff usually same day delivery


Andrew Crawford


I can't say enough great things about Appliance City! Their tech came out for our broken dryer and made the decision NOT to charge me for the service call because it would cost less to replace than repair. They sent their guys out to deliver AFTER the end of the work day so that this kindergarten teacher could get a working dryer the day before returning to school. All without charging an extra penny. Go to Appliance City. You can't go wrong!!!


Mimi Tang


These guys (and gals) are always very helpful. It is obvious that they achieve their business goals (and five star ratings) by helping and placing people first.


Rob Rogers


The people are Very nice but also fair and honest. First time there, very good experience!


Charles Allen


I am very happy that I discovered Appliance City a wonderful place with happy folks that are reusing, repairing and honoring resources.
I purchased a very nice stove and dryer that have worked perfectly. My “new” appliances were delivered on time, hooked up and they took my old appliances away!
The future in my opinion is to reuse as much as we can.
It feels good and I am delighted to be a lifetime customer.


Heidie McCall


We had problems with our washer and dryer. Appliance City came out, diagnosed the problems, gave excellent advice and refused to charge us. They found a replacement dryer that we love and removed our old one for lowest price imaginable. Great company!!


Krista Van Engelen


Lots of reconditioned appliances and parts


Wayne Oliver


Open Sunday. Super nice. Great selection of parts. Saved us money by testing our stove element (it was ok, so back to the drawing board)


Holly Lenz


Honest sales person reasonable prices kind and patient delivery team.


onesha dumas


Great prices and selection


Carrie Gormley


Amazing service—professional, friendly, honest, and knowledgeable; we couldn't have been more impressed! Thank you Terry for your service excellence and help to keeping our sweet 1940s era Frigidaire range in good working order!


Cheri Baur


The owner is a very nice guy.


Mario Salazar


The owner Mike and his crew gave us a great deal and took wonderful care of us. My new old oven was immaculately cleaned and works perfectly. I won’t buy new again. I only wish that I was shopping for some vintage appliances. They have some beauties!


Amy Erickson


The owner is a very nice guy.


Mario Salazar


Amazing service—professional, friendly, honest, and knowledgeable; we couldn't have been more impressed! Thank you Terry for your service excellence and help to keeping our sweet 1940s era Frigidaire range in good working order!


Cheri Baur


My family and I just moved to the area and needed an electric dryer. Appliance City gave us a great deal, helped me tie down the dryer in my truck bed, gave me an extra cord just in case my plug was different and put a 100 day guarantee on parts and service. I will be going there again for any further home appliance needs. Thanks Guys!!!


Timothy Johnson


They did a great job fixing our washer dryer


kelly coogan




Paul von Hindenburg


I had a fantastic experience buying a used stainless fridge from these guys. I originally thought buying used appliances was kind of a gamble but not with the guarantee they offer. The repair technicians are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, sales people are honest and friendly and the delivery tech was top notch. Would highly recommend. No reason to buy brand-new overpriced appliances when you can trust in a place like this.


Michael Wood


Friendly, got a stainless fridge there very cheap that's been running five years, went and got a second fridge for chef roommate, still friendly, still cheap.


Roesing Ape


These guys are great! I’ve bought used washer/dryers from them and an old O’keefe and Merritt stove. That was almost ten years ago and they have all been working just fine. Recently had a spring break on my oven door, called them and they responded right away. I emailed them too and they got right back to me ... within minutes it seemed. I picked up replacement springs from them the same day - no cost.


Kimberly Crowell


Family owned, no nonsense, get you what you need, service


Eric Truelson


Phenomenal service and friendly. These are stand up people working to improve their little part of the world. I will always come here for my appliances now!


Are you My mummy?


Great upfront sales and repairs.


Alice Speight


The staff were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly! The selection was great, as well. Be sure to go into the store, as the website only shows a small fraction of their inventory


Devon Hillman


Terry in the parts department was fantastic. Tracked down a very hard-to-find part for me.


Gerry Birnbach


Great service. Very helpful!


Rachelle Skillingstad


Family owned. The owner was very pleasant and informative.


Charloe Newman


Great experience! Low pressure, very knowledgeable, great customer service. Mike was helpful in figuring out how to best fullfil our needs. Would definitely recommend to any friends or family looking for deals on appliances.


Jeff Ely


Very helpful staff and I got a great deal. Large selection.


Connie Meadows


I can’t say enough about how amazing Appliance City is! I just bought an older condo and the stove is an old refrigerator two level midcentury with a stove that I thought was done for. Well, a call to Appliance City and Terry.... let’s just say I feel like I won the lottery. Thank you so much Terry. I’ve been doing business with this company for over 5 years, but first time with a repair issue. I’ll continue to work with them, great older appliances that fit my style and they WORK!!! Thanks!


Drake Edwards


I highly recommend Appliance City-Mark quickly took care of our stove by ordering the parts and installing. He came out to install the parts the day they were received.


Shelley Cockburn


My family has trusted Appliance City with all of our appliance needs for many years. They are fast, trustworthy and fair. Unbeatable prices for great machines that run well. Whenever I get the itch to shop around and compare prices, I am reminded why I come here.


Joel Fischer


If you're looking for a used appliance, I wouldn't waste my time anywhere else, even craigslist. After several disappointing stops hunting for a washer dryer, we decided to hit up Appliance City based on the glowing reviews.

They were definitely not exaggerating! Excellent selection and the customer service was incredible. Stewart was very kind, showing us a few models and walked us back to where he does the repairs. Turns out they completely gut and replace their washing machines, rather than throwing some paint on and running a test load like other places. We also met third generation owner Mike. One of the nicest, most genuine business owner my wife had ever met. He gave us a fair price on the set and put us on the list for a portable dishwasher. The set was delivered the next day by Angel, right on time. He got them down a flight of stairs, having to remove a banister in the tight stairway. What a pleasant and enjoyable guy! He even walked us through operating the machines and tested them again onsite.

Not that I was worried, Mike's appliances come with a 90 day guarantee, followed by a "gentleman's guarantee", promising to meet you halfway with reasonable requests.

All in all, the guys at Appliance City, from owner to delivery person, were fantastic. Price, Selection, service etc. Like I said, I wouldn't got anywhere else. At least hit them up first.

Keenan Lawrence


I've bought a couple of second hand appliances from these guys and I've never had an issue with them.

The prices can't be beat if you're willing to buy an older model.

Highly recommended.


reverend gaddy


Great place. Great selection. Great customer service. Highly recommend!


grace mattioli


Terry helped us out at no cost, for a simple over the phone repair. Very sweet person. Will definitely come back with any repair needs! Thank you!


Brass Tacks


This place is seriously the best. Great selection of used appliances and have always been super helpful (and CHEAP!!!) with repairs. Terry has even helped us out over the phone with what turned out to be easy do it yourself fixes that seemed like bigger issues. As long as we are in Portland we will go to Appliance City for any fixes or used items we may need.


jason urick


I bought a used washer from Appliance City after mine broke. They were great to work with. They helped me find one within my budget. Delivery and install was a breeze, even though I was worried about steep stairs leading to the basement. I had an issue with the washer a few months after buying it. Even though it wasn't covered under warranty they worked with me on the price of repair so it was a fair deal for both of us. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for appliances.


Allison McKeever


Great prices and great reconditioned appliances.


Donald Sheets


Service was fast. Very knowledgable and friendly staff. Delivery was included!!!! The delivery staff worked quick and arrived early after checking to make sure that was okay first. What an amazing customer service model they seem to strive for!!!! They have a 100 day guarantee and make it easier to get ahold of someone. Though, I haven't needed to follow up because my machines are working great with no issues.


kasey Stombaugh


We had been to several stores unsuccessfully. Mike and his guys helped us find a great refrigerator. The bright spot in a long frustrating search.


Marjorie Geiger


Appliance City is great place to get new-used appliances. The owner Mike Usselman is very professional, friendly and wants to make you happy. Mike and his employees go above and beyond to make your visit for an Appliance. Repair. Parts. Customer service experience worth your while. He cares about his customers. I always go there.


Leann Hafner


Best place for used appliances and service! Period. I’ve bought a dryer, refrigerator and had our microwave serviced here. They know how to do things and they’re great!


Lance Puffer


As a property manager I randomly have desperate needs for appliances, Mike has never let us down. We've been able to find what we need and get it at fair prices. Our go to place for appliances.


Tracy Knofczynski


Part wizard stayed late after his shift ended to meet me. Searched their emormous inventory of spare elements to find just the right one. Answered all questions honestly. Great to work with.


Sean LaFreniere


These guys are the BEST! The prices are good, but the customer service is superlative. I wouldn't buy an appliance anywhere else.


Carrie Beveridge


Such a great experience with the owner of this place. My roommate and I were able to purchase a used dryer and have it delivered and installed the same day! Great customer service, prices and selection. We will definitely be going back to this local business again and telling people about our experience!


Kari Tormoehlen


These guys are awesome! Totally saved me time and money after TWO previous bad dryer experiences. Best in town hands down!!


Jessica Ramirez


Best place ever. Drove 150 miles one way and it was worth the drive. Friendly, patient and knowlegable. Prices were perfect. Found exactly what I wanted. Thanks


Rhonda Turnquist


Outstanding customer service no up sell i say heres my budget owner gave me several options I have shopped there before and it was as good as i remembered Thanks to all the staff


Stephen DuVall


Having been on the Planet for over 60 years, I realize perfection is lifes joke on all of us. I elected to purchase a dishwasher from Appliance City and there was a drop in communication which caused some problems. The Owner, Mike stepped in and like any great service oriented person made all the proper adjustments and allowed me to become a very satisfied customer. Sometimes things happen and all we can ask is for an Owner to step up and make it work. Mike did that and he has a customer in me for life.


Malon Metz


Great experience. The other reviews were correct about how awesome this place is. Mark lafontaine was on top of helping me out with my gas dryer and got it done in less than an hour. And on a Sunday! I'm home, the dryer is running, I'm happy. Well done Mark!


brad bannister


Appliance City provided me with the best service ever. From the time that Terry Schmidt took my call, he searched out a part that Whirlpool had discontinued and alerted me when he found it. From there he arranged to ship it to Toronto, Canada and it arrived within 7 days. I can't begin to say how pleased I was with the pleasant and accommodating service that Terry provided. It has saved me having to purchase a new Jenn-Air range that was in perfectly good condition except for the discontinued door latch assembly. This kind of service far excelled the lack of service provided to me from Whirlpool in Canada. Thank you very very much!!


Ruth Huttman


I had a great experience with the friendly staff at Appliance City in Portland. They not only had Great customer service, but a wide selection of dishwashers, and other appliances to choose from. They were very knowledgeable, informative, and made the buying process easy. Thank you Appliance City.


Julie K


Great service and selection! Exactly what we needed- love our small, local businesses!


Peggy Brandt


My experience with Appliance City was absolute gold standard. I called. Had a semi-urgent need for repair. They said they would make a call and call me back. I NEVER trust that. They called back about 10 minutes later and helped me the same day. Very courteous and service oriented. AND did a great job at a very reasonable price. I will never buy an appliance anywhere but Appliance City going forward.


b frank


Originally bought dryer from these guys. Works well, had one fuse low in 4 years and they told me over phone how to service myself and I fixed it. Then my washer stopped working they gave me some ideas when I dropped in, and I fixed my washer. These folks are awesome.


Christopher Smaka


Very nice helpful guys. Have bought a couple of things from them over the years and have had wonderful service both times.




Mark was awesome! I appreciated the ways he showed me what to check for for maintaining the machines. He was timely, friendly, and engaging. They have a great deal and really showed how they value their customers.




Appliance city had excellent service and communication. They are so trustworthy and take care of their customers. We got an incredible deal on a washer and dryer. Then there was a hick up and they took care of us right away and our machine is working great Thank you for the incredible customer service, we would Highly recommend them!


Cata Kenevan


We purchased a washer and dryer from Appliance City. It was affordable and very friendly customer service. Delivery was fast, got them the next day. Installation was quick and painless... the guys who delivered it got them into the basement for us - had to take the rail down but they put it back up for us. Highly recommend if you're in the market for nice used machines.


April Black


Always my first choice.


Carla Kay


We had a good experience with this shop. They refurbish appliances and offer them at reduced rates. Great place for rental property appliances of good quality. The worked with us and were flexible and helpful to resolve a service issue quickly and helpfully.


Helen Lehman


Great service and staff. Always willing to answer a question when we bring in our second hand appliances for testing or repair after purchase. We have brought in both gas and electric for servicing. Best place in Portland to buy vintage appliances that have been checked out by a repair firm.


Urbane Streets


love this place!!!!!


Carolyn Campbell


Helped me through moment I walked in and made sure I knew what I was doing. Made a deal I was beyond grateful for. For surely coming back for all appliance needs


Katie Tiutiuma


My vintage oven needed a replacement bottom bake element. Terry was very helpful and just walking in and being surrounded by elements of all sizes and shapes made me feel at ease. He found the correct one for the job, plus some helpful information on future repairs. Michael ended up doing a house call (same day) and checking connections, etc and swapped an element I ordered that wasn't quite right for the price of labor. Excellent service, super good communication. These guys know their stuff and they are friendly and reasonable.


Heather ELLIOT


This place is amazing. The kind of work these guys do in their shop is unbelievable. If you are looking for refurbished appliances this is the place to get it. The price is reasonable and the workers are friendly.


Stanley Marston


Went in to pick up a dryer belts my fifteen-year-old dryer had it in stock excellent customer service


David Roche


Look no further!! This is the best place for appliances on top of that the gentleman that work there are great friendly very knowledgeable people. Thanks again for my new wall oven


Francisco Ruiz


I bought a dryer two or so monthes ago but quickly lost the receipt. I wasnt worried, as thing rarely break appliance wise in my home; it broke. I called and they sent a young man over to fix it within hours. He told me after fixing it that his visit was free, as they had kept my warrenty on file. He was so kind, he even checked my washer which had not been purchased there. I strongly advise you go here, they are by far one of the best in the affordable appliance business!


Rita Hartmann


Appliance City is my go-to when I need help with my vintage range. I recently needed to move it to a different location in my house and the staff was incredible. Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable, and they go the extra mile -- even tweaking the calibration and polishing it up for me. They really care about doing a great job, and they care about their customers.


Danielle Centoni


Fantastic prices and customer service. A true pleasure to do business with, and a warranty for used appliances on top of that.


Shelley Arneson


I have shopped here for 20+ years for used appliances and have always received outstanding service and products. Friendly and down-to-earth advice makes it a pleasure to shop here.


P Burraston


This used appliance store is the very best ever! They have a very large selection of all appliances which they have refurbished beautifully. Everything is guantanteed. Our daughter and husband bought a stove, fridge, washing machine and dryer. It has been five years and they are performing perfectly. We just replaced the burner covers for the top of the stove and they replaced them for free. Everyone that works there is so courteous and friendly, and helpful! We recommend it highly and give it the most stars!!


Jim Robertson


i went there looking for a chest freezer... they had one in stock and i combined it with a refrigerator for a great deal... mike was extremely helpful and i got exactly what i wanted.. they even loaded it into my trailer... they gave me great service, with a very friendly atmosphere and i was pleased with my purchase... i usually stay away from buying used items at stores, but this was a no-brainer... if you need an appliance, go see these guys


CWA Pothier


Appliance CIty has always been my main source for all my appliance repair needs. My most recent service call consisted of a complicated defrostor issue that I had been putting off for nearly two years. I live in Vancouver which sometimes can be frustrating when working with Portland services due to traffic and availability. Fortunately, Mike and his team were well equipped and were able to have someone fix my issue with in the same business week. No Problems! Stu came by and was very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services for anyone in the area.


Aaron Yilek


Great guys, very personable and went out of their way to make things excellent for us with our new dryer. Highly recommended.


Joshua Burson


Friendly service and assortment of options in new and used appliances.


Mark Radford


Excellent selection of used appliances with a very experienced staff friendly service and very affordable prices.


jim meyers


Friendly service and assortment of options in new and used appliances.


mark Radford


I recently purchased a really nice washer and dryer set from Appliance City, and I got a great deal! All of the employees who helped me were wonderful, from helping me choose my machines to delivery and set up. This is the type of business you feel good about supporting. They repair and/or recycle everything! Robert gave me a tour of the store and I was impressed with their rain barrel water collection and their recycling efforts for appliances that cannot be saved. Why go to a big box store when we have a local gem that goes above and beyond?


Celeste Seibel


Lots that I love about this company, but mostly that they give landfill-clogging old appliance second life, and they take great care of the customers. I've had a couple of great experiences here, but I'm quick to recommend them to my friends. Thank you, appliance city!


Jake Laban


Friends of ours recommended Appliance City and I'm happy to say they were right! I purchased an affordable vintage GE range which they delivered for free and helped deliver my old range to a friend around the block. Highly recommended for the appliances and the service. Can't get any better!


Michelle DelCarlo


This place is the real deal- I called with several questions that did not necessarily offer them business. Mike took the time to give me detailed and very helpful answers. I learned that they offer store credit for trade- ins and he discouraged me from investing in a repair project that would not be lucrative. Turning away potential business by way of giving honest advice is admirable and memorable; I will certainly recommend them as a trustworthy shop.


Ed G.


These guys have always been helpful Thank you for cutting me a deal on the dryer thermal fuse today A 2000% markup is a bit extreme and had to live with 1500%, the machine works great again.


James Schrumm


Bought a vintage fridge from Appliance City sight unseen from out of state and could not be more pleased! The fridge is fabulous, the customer service was above and beyond and the price was reasonable. Lucky Portland, to have such a great local business!


Allison Hardy


Family owned your local businesses *****. Best customer service I've had in a very long time..bought a washer/ dryer + Fridge..even gave me a loaner stove until our gas line is finished..can you believe..? Not to mention the two guys that came and delivered + installed did an awesome job very impressive..!

Thank you again


Rhonda Buen


They gave me some great resources to repair my vintage stove, and when I decided to replace my stove, I got a spotless refurbished one at s great price. It works so well!


Sandra Ruff


Fantastic service and so much to choose from. Super happy I visited Appliance City before spending needless $'s at the box store to get what I wanted. Inventory ranges from vintage to modern to big to small...all super clean and detailed. Call them or stop by - they'll take care of you. Thanks Mike and Team.


Geno Zaharie


Gave me a huge military discount, which is rare in Portland; great customer service, showed me how to use the straps on my truck and loaded the 100% perfect working freezer.


Brandon Crabtree


Great service and nice products. Been buying appliances for rentals for decades


Richard Alexander


Unlike most repair places who would have probably just sent someone to my house (and charged me) a gentleman at Appliance City diagnosed the problem with my refrigerator over the phone and I was able to fix it myself. All it needed was a simple defrost and a clogged system was cleared of ice. Thanks!!


Robert Pudlik


The best used appliance store in the city; our salesman was helpful, our delivery guy, Matt, was efficient and skilled, and their selection of used and even vintage appliances was amazing. High- or low-end appliance buyers should head here first.


Gulagg the champion


Great customer service, very responsive, available on the weekends, good follow-up. I highly recommend these guys!


Lori Schmall


I love this place! You can order over the phone or online and delivery is great. They try to repair and resell your old appliance instead of just recycling it. Prices are good and the service is excellent. Perfect.


Eil Lorber


I am a property manager and have consistently used Appliance City to supply me with the various appliances that need replacing. They are extremely professional and will take the responsibility to coordinate with my tenants re delivery and installation. I also use them to maintain the washer/dryers in the laundry room and once when a machine they supplied stopped working they stood by their warranty and repaired it for nothing. I cannot fault the service or quality of appliances. I highly recommend them.


Shaina Greene


My first "adult" appliance purchase, and I couldn't be happier that I picked Appliance City! They were knowledgeable and unbelievably accommodating/quick with delivery. (We are talking same day, by the time I got home they were loaded up and on the way!!) I'd hoped for a quick turnaround, and they delivered 100%.

I appreciate the 100 day warranty, as you just never know with appliances (and this was my major hesitation with purchasing a washer/dryer off craigslist). Mike was great, walked me through my options and offered me a super deal for a nice used matching set.

I wholeheartedly feel that they will take care of me if I run into any issues with operation, even a little beyond the warranty date. They run tests in house and replace parts as needed before sending off into the world. The two delivery guys were funny and helpful too. W/D are easy to install but I'd never done so, and the full service for delivery and set up was perfect for me!

Someday when I make that major adult purchase of a house, I'd be checking in with them first for my appliances. They have some sweet vintage stove range/ovens! Support a local family business!


Brie Nicole


Amazing service, great prices, tons of options. My experience with Appliance City couldn't have been better!


Kristy Mayer-Mejia


Great prices nice appliances and knowledgeable sales and service. Hate when a sales person tries to act like he knows what he's talking about. My sales guy knew his stuff and gave me confidence to buy. Thank you guys!


Pete Pineda


I have had nothing but good experiences with this company. When I lived on the north side they would come out and for a reasonable price repair my appliances and if they couldn't they would not charge me in some instances. Once I moved closer to them.. They are still great. Will be looking to purchase a dishwasher here soon.


Connie Franklin


This company is the best! I have purchased two appliances so far from them, a refrigerator and a dishwasher. I won't buy an appliance anywhere else. They are knowledgeable, kind and good communicators (they text you photos etc.). They delivered both times to my home. I am so happy with their service. I highly recommend them.


Megan Slick


Great selection, great service, great prices. Check here before you go anyplace else.


Ted Perkins


We've bought many appliances for our personal home and our rental properties from these guys. We keep coming back because they are so friendly and knowledgable. The prices are good, the service is great, and they stand by their used appliances. Our favorite delivery guy, Angel, is a maneuvering master with a handtruck. Thank you and we'll be back!


Catelyn Rose


Dude, these guys were excellent. They recycled my garbage oven and had a great stock of refurbished ovens... I upgraded and bought a convection oven for 100$ more than I would have spent to make the repairs


Alden Glinert


Appliance City had amazing service, excellent selection and great prices!! I will be outfitting all of my apartment units with appliances found there. Mike was a straight shooter that I will refer everyone to.

-Bench Seat Properties LLC


Alisha Nightingale


Very prompt and friendly. Reasonable rates and quality equipment. I'll definitely be a loyal customer. Mark was our repair guy, couldn't be happier with the service.


Tyler Adams


Our dryer broke and we needed something reliable and quick. I reached out to them, told them our dryer's issues and made sure it was the motor etc. I told the owner what we were looking for and he checked his inventory. Due to the bad roads/snow, he texted us what was available in our price range. Within 24 hours their delivery driver, Mark, delivered our new-to-us dryer on a Sunday with a smile. He set it all up for us and was in and out in 20 minutes. Very professional company to deal with and GREAT customer service. Add that to a 100 day warranty at a great price and we are very happy. I would highly suggest you give them a call.


John Buckley


Really good experience. While the place is a bit old and dirty, they have a huge selection of appliances at really good prices. Jason was very helpful in walking me through a few different options and helped me feel comfortable in what I picked out. They were great about delivering, installing the new unit and hauling away the old broken one quickly. If you're in the market, their store is worth checking out.


Randy Fischer


My family has been purchasing appliance from this family owned business for years and years. We are going on four generations now. I just recently purchased a fridge from Mike and his crew. They helped me find the perfect one and gave me an incredible deal on it too. The service is great, they are all very friendly and helpful too. I will go back to them whenever I need to and send as many people as I can to them.

My washer had a knob break off and I called them up to see what they could do or see if they had a spare part. They unfortunately didn't, but their parts guy went out of his way and called several shops in the area and ordered it for me and had it shipped to their store so I could come get it. They go above and beyond what is expected and its great to see such wonderful customer service!


Krysta Jensen


Mike was fantastic to work with.
Received an awesome deal on a hard to find size appliance, and a good deal on a washer and dryer set. The delivery was punctual and on time. Installation was quick and the installer even made sure everything was working and hooked up right. Attention to small details like using metal retention clips on the exhaust ducts rather than zip ties and priming the washer, and checking the the lines before leaving. Thank you Appliance City.


Ben Davis


These folks are the best! Very down to earth! I had a stove replaced in my apartment and Appliance City's staff were great! I happened to be running my washing machine at the time and one of the guys noticed that it wasn't agitating correctly... He lifted the lid, I heard a few clicks and it was washing like new! Appliance City is the best hands down! They really go the extra mile and look out for their customers!


J Mitchell


I am a Portland Real Estate Agent and use Appliance City for my clients and for my rental properties. They are the best! Reasonable, Reliable, Honest, and Loyal! Support Local Family Business!


Kristen Dozono


This place is amazing from appliances to customer service. I was looking for a kitchen set and they took care of me. I got top of the line appliances for very reasonable prices. But what really stands out about this company is the service. Mike (the owner) and Robert were so friendly and knowledgeable. They worked with my price range and I am more than happy. There's a lot of history with this company and I understand why they have been in business for so long. I highly recommend you stop in and check them out. Well worth it!


Brady Carey


Love this place. Jason was the nicest guy and helped me pick out an oven without me even being there. He walked me through everything and measured the oven for me to make sure it would fit and took pictures for me and sent them to me, he really went above and beyond what was expected. I am so happy with the purchase and an amazing deal. This is a family owned business with that personal touch and care. Thanks for being such a great family owned local business that we can trust and recommend.


Tiki Honkanen


I was advised to call Appliance City by the folks at Home Depot. I was reluctant to try another used appliance store after a very bad experience working with a poorly managed company in Tigard. Despite this Home Depot couldn't help me fix my built in oven unless I wanted to replace it to the the tune of $1500. I attempted to find another unit on craigslist, but apparently my oven is a unique size. I tried to google the serial model with hopes I could find replacement parts and had no success. The guys at Appliance city determined that a fuse needing replacing and they took the time to locate the part. For a small fee of $65 they offered to come to my house and do the installation. Service was prompt, they were polite and the pricing was fair. I am very relieved to have avoided having to buy a new oven! I have 2 rental properties and plan to call Appliance City for any future needs!


Sage Lurie


Appliance City is great. Jason was incredibly friendly and very honest. He listened to my needs and saved me a few hundred dollars to boot! I highly recommend this place.


Jennifer LaPier


I've used these guys for years and they are my go-to for vintage appliances. I bought a gorgeous, vintage stove and fridge from them 15 years ago and the couple of times they needed repair Appliance City did a great job. I have always felt they were straight shooters, give really solid advice and just nice easy going guys.


Paula Wade


Found a few adds on Craigslist and decided to give them a call. Jason is their CL contact and he provided hands down some of the best customer service. I didn't have time to go to their store nor a lot money to spend. Jason asked what I was looking for and most importantly why I was looking for it. After some follow up questions he was able to provide multiple options to suit my needs! Fantastic!! Couldn't have asked for anything more! Thank you Appliance City and thank you Jason!


Curtis Black


Highly recommend Appliance City! Mike was super helpful when I was looking for quality used appliances for our house. Got a great deal on a fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer. He worked with me to stick within our budget and I was able to get next day delivery and install. Definitely recommend and will shop with them again!


Whitney Williams


These guys are amazing. Our washer (19yrs old) decided to stop automatically at random times during it's cycle. Being 19yrs old, I decided it's time for a new washer. My husband convinced me to let Appliance City take a look. Upfront, before they come to your home, they give you rates and tell you approx. prices depending on what they think is wrong. They were at our house the next day, replaced a switch, gave it a look over, cleaned some muck out and it now runs like we just bought it. $120. A heck of a lot less than a new washer. I love that they are honest and dependable. 19 yrs ago we purchased from Appliance City a used refrigerator for our basement, it still runs perfectly today. If you are buying new, try Appliance City instead. I'm sold, and I wasn't paid for this review. I'm a real customer. (life long now)


Marcia Welker


I called them on a Sunday, after 3 in the afternoon, and someone answered and promised I'd get a call in the morning about my broken washing machine. Sure enough, a service guy called, asked some questions about what was wrong, and by mid afternoon they'd gotten the part and came to the house and fixed my washer. Awesome.


Timothy Curry-Stevens


I basically found the exact fridge I wanted at a price of about half of what I expected to pay. Plus, they worked it out so that they could offer me delivery same day. That's pretty rad. I highly recommend giving your business to this locally owned spot. Big box corporations can't provide the kind of service that these folks do.


Patri Ann Thompson


We've been getting our appliances here for years. Great place to work with!


Rachel Stephens


This is the best service of any business I've experienced ever! I'd pick 6 stars if they'd let me.

I'll try to make a long story short, our fridge broke on a Friday night. I called and Jason answered. No one was available to fix it at that hour so Jason personally drove a loaner fridge to my house at 9pm on a Friday night so all the food I bought for my family in town for the weekend wouldn't go bad. Their service person, Ty, came to fix it on Monday. He had to leave and come back with a part and eventually he realized it was a very specific problem he couldn't solve. But Ty never charged me a cent. And Jason never charged me a cent for the loaner fridge or delivery of it! Who does that in this day and age! I will be going there every time I need an appliance.


Aaron Allen


These guys are great! Super honest and economical and they have a good solution. I love that they repurpose appliances too. In this disposable world they are doing their part to recycle!


Kendra Petersen-Morgan


I'm very pleased with the refrigerator I bought here but especially with the service, both in-store from Mike, who was super helpful, and from the delivery guys. Next time I need any other appliance, this is where I'll go first.


Anita Bartholomew


Decent selection of refurbished equipment and they were able to deliver and install my new washer the same day.


Dennis Goetz


Over 20 years my wife and I have bought more than 5 used appliances from Appliance City. Every purchase was for a great price and was over time a very good buy. Recently I got a stove for my brother who has late stage MS. As I did 20 years ago I bought it from Appliance City. (His first one was finally fully invaded by mice who ate the wiring insulation and ruined the interior with their wastes.)
Jason who works at the store, took our need in hand and within hours had a "new" stove ready to take to my brother tomorrow so his wife can cook the food for his birthday party this weekend.
I trust these guys, love how they do business and the inside of their store and feel really good when I drive past it too.
They are just fair minded, conscientious and decent human beings,kind of "old school" in that regard--very reassuring there are still places operating in the best of the American tradition---people before profits, I'd say.


Bob Williams


I've been to this place several times over the years. Yes, they're busy... for a good reason. They've always been helpful and fair. even if they diddn't have what I needed, they've been good about directing me in the right direction.


Charles Trimble


These guys were great: Super nice, helpful, and informative. Bought a stove from them that, ultimately, did not work with the wiring in our house. They refunded our money and when they came to pick it up, the delivery guys also brought our old garage-stored stove back into the house and reinstalled it. Above and beyond. We have not yet gotten a new stove but will purchase from Appliance City when we do. Fantastic people to work with!


Nancy Matthias


Why have I been buying appliances from anywhere else? I just purchased a beautiful old-school Frigidaire 18" stove for our ADU, and I couldn't be more pleased with the level of service Appliance City offers. Mike was super helpful, as was everyone there, and full of great information and honest advice. This man knows how to run a first-rate operation focused on customer service and quality. We will definitely be return customers!


Anne Marie McClaran


We needed a range/oven for a rental. We called this place and they were very friendly on the phone.... although they didn't have what we wanted in their show room they placed on on hold and checked their other inventory storage locations and found exactly what we were looking for. When we arrived the oven was exactly as described. The owner was incredibly friendly and helped us wrap the oven so it wouldn't get wet and loaded it into our truck. The owner was one of those business owners that truly wants to help people and you can see that he enjoys doing just that. Although they sell used appliances they don't come off as the typical "used" salesman. As of right now this is the only place I will by used appliances from. I've purchased used appliances from other places in Portland, but all of them seemed like dirt bags. Not this place. Genuine happy customer service with a smile.


Adam Bratland


If you're looking for great deals on appliances and super friendly staff, this is the place to be. Don't waste your time with the fancy corporate stores. Make a difference with the local guys and keep your money where it matters - in the local economy! Two thumbs up!


Diggable Monkey Video Productions


The staff is very friendly and helpful.


Ed Bockelman


Awesome place for a great deal on quality appliances. I got a like new cook top for half the price of new. Real friendly crew.


Joshua Smith


I found these guys when my washing machine flooded the house. When I called they had someone come and look at it within the hour! Granted I live in the area, but I'm still super impressed with the service. No one else even returned my call that fast. The technician was knowledgeable and surprisingly cute which was a first in my history of appliance repair guys. My washer ended up being a piece of crap (it was old and had come with the house), so I went down to the store to see what they had. I wish I had gone there before buying all new appliances! They have a ton of inventory from high end stainless steel, to really cute vintage pieces, to standard basics. We bought a replacement and they had it out to me the next possible day. Great customer service, great prices, locally owned, and hot repair guys. You can't go wrong.


Anna Marie Cooper


Appliance City is the best! Before buying new somewhere else I recommend a visit to their store. You will be blown away by the inventory and insight they have. They met all of my needs, and exceeded what I could find brand new. They have very high standards about the appliances they sell. It is a family run business, that provides great customer service, Mike, Robert, and all were awesome every step of the way - not to mention the delivery service! Mark and Mike were top notch.

Thank you for my new fridge!


Anna Sundholm


These guys are fantastic! Positive, helpful, and always have the parts I need to repair my appliances. Great bunch!


Ryan Hieb


Great selection and friendly staff
No need to go elsewhere


Arthur Scharf


Bought a fridge from these guys! When they couldn't take my credit card because a technical problem, they just sent it round, told me I could pay whenever. Super helpful, nice deliverymen-all in all, a great experience.


Aaron Queener


Mike and his team were amazing! They helped me find a new refrigerator and at a great price. They also delivered the next day!


Emily Lynch


Shopping for appliances on a limited budget is difficult at best. You want the most for your money in good, clean appliances. I knew what I wanted and a ball park of what I could spend. I was in the market for a refrigerator, range, dishwasher and microwave. I shopped around. Went to Appliance City and was in AWE. The sales person, Jason, that I dealt with was helpful, made me feel right at home and no pressure what-so-ever and very respectful. I told him what I was looking for and we found each and every item. When it was time to pick them up, he went the extra mile and showed this same courtesy to my son, who picked everything up for me. I am beyond thrilled with my choices. Also the ads on Craig's list were extremely helpful and made my choices easier and faster. Their "package" deals were just what the doctor ordered. Thanks again APPLIANCE CITY!


Patty Hanna


My husband and I didn't realize we wanted a perfect condition 1950s GE fridge until we saw it at Appliance City. We thought a stainless steel generic fridge was in our future, but we saw this shined up, immaculate fridge (with Textolite(TM) oooh!) and it was perfect for our house. Mike showed us all the ins and outs of the vintage appliance, plugged it in and we were SOLD. He even dropped the price a bit, no questions asked. When I called to arrange delivery, there was a misunderstanding on delivery time we had requested, but they busted their butts to make it work as promised. The drivers showed up and installed the fridge, which had been meticulously detailed right before delivery. They even shined it up to get the fingerprints off. The fridge works like a dream. They don't build them like that anymore!

As a bonus, two vintage metal ice cube trays appeared on our doorstep about a week later, out of the blue. I guess the drivers forgot to bring them, so they went out of their way to make sure we got them. That was a nice touch.

Hey Mike, keep us in mind for a white vintage stove about 30" wide!!


Lisa Q


I've gotten several appliances from Appliance City and also received service for my dishwasher. I thought I needed to replace it but their technician found it was just a burned wire. He repaired it for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. The service was excellent and reasonably priced.

In the many years I've dealt with Appliance City I have always found them to be honest, professional and reliable. Their prices are very reasonable and they are good people to deal with.


Mark La Fontaine


I had a great experience with Appliance City. We always try to buy from local family businesses and that is what this is! I needed a fridge for the garage and the owner not only confirmed that they had multiple options for me, but he offered to have someone stay late in order to accommodate my hours. The new-old fridge was delivered on time and placed neatly and exactly where we wanted it! Everyone was kind and the customer service was great!


April Lemly


Always a pleasure dealing with the folks at Appliance City! From troubleshooting with a repair technician on the phone (to avoid paying for unneeded service), to scheduling same day service calls and finding nice, affordable refurbished appliances for our rentals, I know I can trust their work and get things done in a timely fashion! We've purchased a fridge, a range, and had work done on another range/oven (gas). Plus got a referral for a front loader HE washer repair when their tech wasn't able to do it. Love supporting this family business!


Susan Millhauser


I HIGHLY recommend Appliance City, locally owned and run by the grandson of the original founder. From beginning to end I had a perfect experience. When I first called to find out if they had the appliance I was looking for they spent a long time on the phone with me giving me exact dimensions and detailed info on the stoves I was considering. Then to my surprise he was able to show them to me on their website! When I went in, everyone there was very friendly and helpful. And the delivered the next day, right on time as promised. They also have really competitive prices and their charge for delivery and hook up is much, much lower than their competitors.
If you want to feel good about helping the environment by buying a refurbished appliance, support the local economy by giving your money to a local business, AND meet some really nice people, then Appliance City is the place to go!


Nancy Judd


We just purchased an incredible condition 1960's turquoise refrigerator from them, and had the best service experience ever. I called in the morning, we stopped into the showroom in the afternoon, and by the 5pm we had this fridge delivered and running in our kitchen! Amazing experience!

These guys also really know their stuff! They have an incredible selection of vintage appliances and know all the in's and out's of refurbishing. This is not some fly-by-night operation– they really know their vintage appliances and vintage parts, and they sell very unique, top-quality, hard to find items. I wish we had room for more appliances in our house! So many cool ones, so little room. :)


Jamie Roberts


These guys are great and their prices are generally way better than the competition. They have great refurbished options as well as some crazy cool vintage items. All the staff I've ever dealt with there has been very friendly and in no way pushy. If you are in the market for a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washer or dryer, I would check these guys out before just heading to Standard or Sears and you might save yourself a good chunk of change.


Daren S


I would like to tell my story of dealing with Appliance City. I volunteer at a Food Closet at our church and have made very good friends with many of the clients that come in for help. The other day one of my friends called and said their refrigerator had gone out and did I have any ideas as to where they could get one. They of course did not have enough money to buy one and so I went on line because I couldn't afford to pay a big price and I found Appliance City and called and talked to Mike, the owner .After hearing my story he worked with me to find a good refrigerator, and worked with the price, and made sure one of his employees would deliver it the same day that I called. When they received it they called and said it was great and they were so appreciative.

I can't say enough for the wonderful treatment I received and how blessed that we have people like Mike in this City.

When my husband got home from work and I told him how everything went with the refrigerator etc. he said that Appliance City is the company that he purchased a used refrigerator from a few years ago for the company where he works and it's still running just fine.

Thank you Appliance City and you can bet we will recommend you to anyone that needs service and needs to purchase a used appliance.


Betty Walkiewicz


We bought a nice used stove. They delivered it to our house, hooked it up to the gas, and hauled away our old crappy one at no extra cost. Mark was the man who hooked it up. He was professional, polite and patient while it took time for the gas to come through the new line that we had just installed on the property. He even went above and beyond and helped us move our heavy fridge with his dolly, since we had just layed down new linoleum tiles, which we were hesitant to move the fridge over until the glue cured. Communication, professionalism, and and timing was way above what I expected from a used appliance dealer, because we did't spend that much money, even though our stove was like new. thanks everybody.


Bonny MacDonald


I've had the pleasure of working with Appliance City's knowledgeable, friendly, and professional staff for the past 15 years. Their continually meet my residential and commercial appliance needs with reliable products, great prices, and fair treatment. I'll never buy a new appliance again!


Paul K


Very easy to work with, knowledgeable, and honest. We've purchased a couple appliances and never felt pressured into buying anything. Always felt taken care of. They have a ton of parts, for the DIY people like myself, too.


Jason Linford


Appliance City is my go-to appliance place. Got a new dryer there this morning. No muss, no fuss. I especially like the large selection and the general busyness of the place. Mike did a great job of helping me choose a dryer and getting me on my way. I will soon be folding clean clothes.


Houston Bolles


Really love this place. We bought a sweet Jenn-Air fridge and a range and have been happy with both. Have had zero issues. Mike even let us wiggle on the delivery dates when our kitchen remodel went awry. 3rd gen family owned business, working hard. I love that this place is in our hood. Will def call them when we need repairs as well.


Rushie Ellenwood


Really nice guys who know their stuff, and are willing to help you find something that is just right for you. We've bought two different items from them, at very reasonable prices, and both have been in great condition and worked well. It's great to have them in the neighborhood!


Katrina Daume


I've been relying on Appliance City for all my rental and rehabbing needs for the last 10 years. Mike has always taken care of me and honored any issues in the rare case when one would come up. His prices are fair and their service is great.


Mark T


i've had a few encounters with the friendly staff at Appliance City for my own appliance needs and was able to refer to my clients in my housecleaning business for replacing appliances in their homes. The selection is good and the prices are reasonable and there is NO PRESSURE to buy outside of ones' budget. the delivery, set-up, and in my case, a removal went pretty smoothly and i appreciate that.( my basement stairs aren't the easiest to negotiate.) the crew handled it well. thanks for your availability to answer questions and give suggestions. from one biz owner to the other, glad to give support. respect for your hard-working crew!
time to let Portland know about this secret treasure.


Nancy Gonzales


Jason and his crew have always taken good care of us! I have purchased nearly every appliance for my two rentals and my own home from Appliance City. They always have a great selection of gently used equipment that looks great and lasts. They are also a great local business in the Cully Neighborhood.


Erick Garman


We were referred to this place by a friend who had a great experience. Last December our fridge died and we bought a replacement from another used appliance company. Long story short the fridge we bought from said other company died 2 days after purchase! We were battling them for a refund and scrapped together what we could and visited Appliance City. Everyone was polite and super helpful. They listened to what happened and worked with us to get a new fridge. Needless to say it was during the holiday, and money was tight, but they worked with us and literally saved the day...and all my groceries! The element in our stove just went out and they were the first place we called for a replacement. If you're in need of service or a quality used appliance don't hesitate to visit these guys.


Carl Goleman


Very nice courteous staff.
Great prices, knowledge and very helpful when needing appliances or parts new or used.
will not sell you any thing you do not need. Quite helpful to the DIY person


Brad Swankno


My husband, Chuck, has been working with Terry at Appliance City to help diagnose and repair our front-loading washing machine. Terry has been SO helpful and given us useful information and suggestions. He is always helpful and pleasant to talk to. Thank you, Terry!!!


Hazel Knox


Fantastic experience all the way around! I have shopped here 3 or 4 times before and every time I am blown away by the selection and customer service. I needed a specific item, so I spoke to the friendly and knowledgable staff about my requirements. They didn't try and sell me on something I didn't need, instead they took my information and "kept an eye out". I contacted them a week later, and they had exactly what I was looking for at a very competitive price. Appliance City will be my first stop every time I am in the market for an appliance.


Peter deRosa


Have bought multiple appliances from them. The refurbished appliances have worked great, the prices are very affordable, and the service is outstanding.


Grant Blatchford


Thank you so much with all of your help with my Dryer. Fast and affordable, you normally only get one of those. I will be back!!


Dan Adair


Call these guy's first. Terry in the parts dept has helped me on a couple of occasions trying to find parts for my 90's model oven in my rental on Maui. He couldn't locate one locally but he directed me to the part I needed on eBay which he won't make a dime on!
Thanks Terry....


Sherman Woody


My washing machine broke down and I performed some home troubleshooting. I figured it had to be one of two things wrong, either the door switch ($50) or the control board ($130). I tested my door switch and it tested good so I ordered the control board new from Appliance CIty. When it came in two days later, I still had a funny feeling it might be the door switch but I did not want to purchase two parts I could not return (policy on new electronics) so Terry from Appliance City said if I purchased a USED door switch and it wasn't the problem, I could return it and then grab the new control board (which was non refundable). Sure enough it was the door switch and I ended up saving $130. Thanks Terry for the great customer service and looking out for the client!!


Cristian Nedelcu


Appliance City is my go-to one-stop-shop for quality used appliances at more-than-reasonable prices. These guys are the best in town! I've done plenty of shopping around and have decided to only buy from Mike (the owner) at Appliance City. To date, i've purchased washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves from Mike (the owner) and have had zero issues with quality and maintenance. Most recently, we needed to replace a stove at one of our rental properties. Normally, this type of transaction would have required hours of wasted time searching and price shopping at various outlets/appliance shops/craigslist, etc.... Mike found us the perfect replacement with delivery at an exceptional price within literally 10 MINUTES OVER THE PHONE. If you have not checked them out yet, you should definitely stop in to see what they offer. It's a big showroom so you will very likely find something that suits your needs. Im posting this because I wanted to make sure these guys got the kudos they deserve for being so awesome. They are exceptionally customer service oriented and genuinely good people who want to deliver a quality product!


Johnson Hua


I went in with a set budget and they were able to give me exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to buy used appliances.


Joe Sponsler


Very happy with the service and helpful staff. Great guidance and knowledge on products and highly recommend if ever in the market for quality restored appliances.


Ann Ostrowski


This place is awesome! Mike has a crazy surfer-dude vibe, but really knows what he's talking about when it comes to appliances. The shop is friendly and welcoming. The service is fantastic. And they deliver when they say they'll be there! The delivery guys had almost no problem hauling the new dryer down my narrow basement stairs and removing the old one. They're also a family owned business, and know how to take care of their customers. I know where I'm going if I need any more appliances!

(Apparently an episode of Grimm is going to be filmed in their Portland store location. Kind of exciting!)


Morgan Weber


From my first contact with Jason about a range he had posted on Craigslist to the final installation, these guys are a Class Act! Fair, honest, accommodating and personable--I'm a VERY happy customer!


Megan McLain


This is my go to shop for appliance purchase and repair. They specialize in used reconditioned appliances and the ones I've purchased have all been in excellent shape. This is a longtime, family-owned business. They have shown me how to do repairs myself on three separate occasions, which I really appreciate.


Melissa Lim


Been having my appliance needs handled by these folks for about 8 years, rather get a used appliance from them than a new one from a major store.


Carolyn Svestka


Great prices, amazing customer service, and top quality name brands, keep me coming back to Appliance City. They treat every customer like family.


Kelly Scott


Mike, the owner, was awesome! Cut us a dope deal on a wash/dry combo with deliver! 'The Dude' knows his stuff and the entire staff was a rank above the next.


Blake Bevans


The experience I had was incredible. I first talked to Mike about what I needed. We set up a time for me to see the appliances. They looked just as nice in person as on the Internet. I wanted to purchase a black refrigerator with an icemaker and a black replacement microwave, plus I needed to have my washer repaired.

Well these fellows came the same day and installed the microwave, which was a real hassle. They installed the refrigerator with icemaker, fixed the washer, and even put in my new dryer hose to the vent for me! In addition, they hauled away the old refrigerator and microwave, something a lot of stores no longer to for the customer.

I could not have asked for nicer folks with whom to work or better service. They cared about what I needed and went out of their way to make me happy. I hardly recognize the kitchen, it looks so spiffy!

I hope people will call/go over there to do business. They will be glad they did. I now know where to go if I need appliances - to Appliance City!

Thanks, Appliance City (Mike and Dad and fellows) and also to David Wiek, my realtor, for having recommended this great store!


Karen Semprevivo


The moment i was on the phone with these guys i had a good feeling about the company. very friendly and informative. called and arrived in a timely fashion. they were very upfront about costs and potential problems. i would recommend this shop to everyone!


Dustin Conrad


We've used Appliance City 3 times now. The first time they replaced our old drop-in range with a new (used) one. It's still working 4 years later. The second time, they repaired our 55 year old wall oven. So glad we didn't have to replace it because it is built in. It's working great 16 months later. Today we had a problem with our refrigerator. The guy who answered the phone suggested we try plugging it into another outlet - and whaddya know - it was the outlet! He could've set up a service call and made some money. These guys are great.


Ben Howell


I went in there today for a little plastic piece for my front loader washing machine,they spent quite some time going thru the junk machines,finally found it and to my surprise they just gave it to me.Who does that these days,great place good people


Mike Perry


I have shopped at Appliance City over the last 10 years, purchasing used appliances for all my rental properties - great service at a fair price.


Todd Bertges


Mike went above and beyond to help me. I bought a fridge that had an issue and they replaced it for free after determining that it couldn't be fixed quickly. My tenants needed a working fridge immediately and they made it happen. These guys do business right and I will definitely go back to Appliance City when I need another used appliance.


Blake Martin


The service was great really loved the help they gave.


Stephanie Perez


I don't normally take time to give reviews, but these guys really impressed me. Great deal, superior customer service. Highly recommend!


Rhianna Derscheid


What an awesome place! I needed a replacement for my very old stove that had stopped working. Appliance City had an equally cute, old stove for a very reasonable price that included delivery and recycling of the old one. Mike helped me pick out the stove. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and was respectful to me and my mother, and super nice! The man who delivered the stove later that day was also very nice, and a master at steering the dolly. I have stairs going up to the front door, and very tight corners in my little old house. He wheeled my old stove out and the new one in without even dinging a door frame! Then he made sure my new stove was exactly where I wanted it before leveling it, and double checking that all the burners, oven and broiler worked. I love, love, love my new stove and I love Appliance City! I will definitely go back the next time I need another appliance, or need anything repaired... and you should too!


A Google User


Appliance City is in our neighborhood and I have used them often. They have sold me some great stuff, including washers, dryers, a stove, and now a freezer. These guys are friendly and helpful. They always deliver free of charge, and are very fast. I highly recommend them!


A Google User


Seth droped off a washer to sell us and at that time was told that we would paid $25.00 for it if there were no major problems found. we repaird the washer more than 4 years old, and did sell it. that is our buisness. when he called about his money he refused the $25 and demanded more. we have sent the information to the better buisness bureau and have resolved the issue with them.


A Google User


Awsome customer service! Great appliances!


A Google User


This place is awesome and has helped me out several times. Highly recommended!


Carl Goleman


The best thing about these guys? They make delivery arrangements with my tenants, and as a landlord, this service is priceless. They even lecture my tenants in how to take care of the appliances, so I'm not always the BAD Guy. They haul away your old appliances gladly. Unbelievable customer service!


Lisa Kernan


I hope this is where the masses can read my praise of the staff at Appliance CIty! I've been shopping here for over a decade for my seven after school programs. The staff here are knowledgeble, nice and genuinely seem like they enjoy their jobs. JUST AS MANY SMILES AS THERE ARE APPLIANCES!


Erin O'Regan


Just bought a used freezer from these guys. Mike was friendly over the phone and was even more helpful when I showed up. Entire staff was great. Reasonably priced. Thank you for a great experience. They delivered as promised, picked up my old unit. Plugged in the freezer and had frozen food in a matter of minutes


Roy Jay


We've purchased two fridges, two ovens and gas range in the past few years for our house and rentals and my wife and I feel the customer service, transparency, and desire to make things right and fair for customers is the best we've ever seen from any sales business(which we understand is a bold statement). They sent out Matt to make small adjustments after a purchase on the range and honored the 100 day guarantee without question. Mike, Jason, Terry and Matt are professional, upfront and sold us appliances we wanted and fit our budget. Much appreciated!


Owen Sanford


I was remodeling my home into two units and needed a stove and refrigerator. After searching online, calling appliance stores who wouldn't post their prices online and getting surly responses that lacked details from the sales people at the major appliance stores I decided to stop into Appliance City. Jason approached me the minute I walked in and asked how he could help without being one bit pushy. Believe it or not, I actually had fun shopping at the store. Yes folks, customer service exists in Portland Ore, and it's at Appliance City. They also stand by their products. Jason called to make sure everything was okay after the delivery. I have told many people about my great experience and the awesome business model defying the throw away culture the US is habit to. In short: great experience, great products, great mission.


Jamie Minkus





This is a review for their repair services. We called them on a broken dishwasher. Not only did the repair guy show on time and quickly figure out the problem, but he helped us assess that fixing the washer (as opposed to replacing it) was not cost-effective. So prompt and honest.

Josh B., 9/26/2022


This is hands down the best place in the city for repair or replacement of your appliances. They are great communicators, efficient and know their business!

Greg L., 9/13/2022


Please utilize this Cully gem. We had a refrigerator/freezer emergency. We were scouring Craigslist and all of the other marketplaces and having a lot of trouble. We decided to go to this local place that we had driven past hundreds of times. We received a warm welcome from Mike Usselman who identified our needs in a minute then showed several good options. Super knowledgeable, easy to talk with and not intimidating or pushy, and was very generous when we were in a tight spot. We learned a lot. Despite it being near end of day his team was able to bring a fridge out and take ours away. So many thanks to Mike and the team, the fridge works better than our old one did and we are super happy with the experience.

John Y., 9/2/2022


Business owner Mike and employees have integrity and great customer service. Our fridge/freezer stopped holding temperature so we needed a fridge fast. They showed us some units they could get to us quick that were budget friendly. When I mentioned haul away on our current fridge the owner Mike recommended we troubleshoot our unit and if that didn't work then recommended to have his tech look at it before purchasing a new one. It ended up being something we could troubleshoot. He could have sold us a fridge rather than listen to us and diagnose in the fixable issue. He was honest and helpful. When we are ready to replace any appliances we plan to start here. I am so impressed with them!

Tasha Y., 8/26/2022


They are def not closed. Great same day service and parts repair for my GE fridge. Highly recommend.

Steven E., 6/9/2022


Thanks for coming out on a holiday! My fridge was dying and I thought for sure I was looking at getting a new one as mine is 20 years old. Tech came in with the part in hand for what he thought might be the problem: dead heat element for self defrosting. Sure enough that was the problem. Issue was resolved and fixed in an hour (lots of ice build up to deal with!) and I couldn't be happier with the result. Tech is super knowledgable, very professional, great to chat with, honest, and kind. Thanks again. Highly recommend.

Lori L., 5/30/2022


I have used this company multiple times for buying used appliances and getting consultation if the appliance is worth fixing and just looking at good used appliances. They have always been informative, reasonable, and trustworthy. Their staff has been professional and knowledgable. I refer them a lot.

John K., 4/29/2022


These guys are great. Our fridge was on the fritz, and they had it back up and running in 30 minutes for the cost of a service call. The tech who came out was knowledgable and friendly. I will absolutely use them again.

Stephan D., 4/12/2021


My 15-year old upright freezer decided to die on a nice warm Saturday. Called the appliance place in my neighborhood - closed on weekends. Called the fancy place in the next neighborhood over, nothing in stock less than $1000. Eeek! Called Appliance City and a REAL PERSON picked up the phone, confirmed immediately with me that the $325 freezer I saw on their website was still available, and had delivery people over within hours, before any food even had time to defrost. They also took away the old broken freezer in the delivery fee. Thanks so much!

Emee P., 4/8/2021


So grateful to this business!! I was in such a pickle, Cindy & delivery team really went above and beyond helping me get a working refrigerator quickly. Hugely recommend this company for safe, honest help!!! Thank you all!

Jessica H., 12/19/2020


I called yesterday morning in a dilemma, needing a refrigerator for a rental. After being transferred to the office, I spoke with Allison. I gave her all the details, including the amount I wanted to spend. Her reassuring tone, a few details, expedited my visit.

Once I arrived, an employee walked with me to Allison's office. In-person she was even more genuine (if that's possible). We walked around the warehouse as she pointed out the units that would work for the space it was going in and my budget.

All this and phenomenal customer service. What more could I ask for?

Thank you Allison at Appliance City for being professional in every sense of the word. Great service and great prices!

Michelle W., 7/14/2020


I have a general electric stove from the 1950's and the element was out. I was so pleased they had a element for me that worked and they were able to but it in it's casing. The fellow was sorry to charge me $50 but that was much cheaper than another stove, and we love this antique. Much thanks to the kind gentleman that helped me, I highly recommend them. Beth of Portland

Beth D., 2/29/2020


I should have written a review years ago. We've purchased several appliances from AC over the past 20 years and have been more than happy with their sales and service. We just replaced the washer and dryer (purchased from AC 18 years ago) with newly restored units and they were delivered today. Mike was so pleasant to deal with and the delivery guys (Brice and I can't remember the other gentleman - sorry!) were extremely courteous, careful, and efficient. This is not your usual "used" appliance store. They are customer service focused and their products deliver.

Lewis M., 11/18/2019


Had my fridge go out (Boo!!) and was spending tons on dry ice to keep all my food. It was expensive. I just went through a divorce so things are really tight (Ugh!). I called Appliance City and lady on phone was super nice and said that they had a "after hours" tech (Tai) that could come out the next day. Tai contacted me that same day and offered to come out right then but I could not so we made plans for the next day. Tai showed up and just ROCKED!!! He was very friendly and professional and worked super-efficient and fast and fixed my fridge in like 15 min!!!! He was like a guy at a NASCAR pit crew!!!! I will absolutely use them again and these guys will be my go to for any problems I have with my appliances in the future!!! Thanks again Tai!!!! And Major props to whoever runs this place as they were smart in hiring Tai!! You got a lifelong customer now!!

Sean D., 9/27/2019


Jim was great, nice guy and friendly. When I called to ask if he had a washer dryer he told me over the phone exactly what He had and when I got there it was in great condition and clean. He delivered it exactly when he said he would and for a reasonable fee. He also gives a fair parts and labor warranty. I recommend him and his business if you're looking for used appliances, especially with the cost of new ones today!

Franny W., 9/26/2019


These guys are the best, I'll never buy appliances anywhere else! Great people, great refurbished appliances! And great to support a local business! And extra thanks to Bryce and Jordan for the muscle and care in getting our fridge in!

Casey H., 8/9/2019


The shop was recommended by other appliances repair shop. They did not have the right part for my appliance as its outdated and Terry searched for the cheapest option from online and gave me his professional advice. He was very knowledgeable and kind. This shop is highly recommended when it comes to any appliance issues.

Marie K., 6/24/2019


Our experience here was nothing but fabulous! Everyone was so helpful and nice and we bought a beautiful fridge for a great price. Thanks Mike! (Jacy and Lesli)

jear b., 4/19/2019


This has been my go-to place for my rental apartments, for several years now. I've always had wonderful customer service and quick delivery. (One time a few years ago, I ordered the wrong size fridge for the space and they fixed my error quickly so that my tenant didn't have to go without a fridge.) I will definitely keep being a return customer.

Jacci M., 3/29/2019


If you're looking for a used or vintage appliance with a pedigree, look no further. Appliance City is an excellent place to find a stove or refrigerator with the perfect character and history for your home. Owner Mike Usselman went way out of his way to ensure that the 1948 Coldspot we bought from him (and whom we named "Chester") would serve us well for many years to come. Chester was in immaculate condition, with every shelf and crisper drawer still in place, including the original meat keeper. However, it turned out he needed a new compressor, not an easy item to find for such a vintage chap. Fortunately Roland, The Fridge Wizard, was able to locate and install the perfect compressor, which took him several days to accomplish. We're so grateful to Roland as well as Mike for having Roland on his team. Chester now runs like a champ and we're delighted to have him as a part of our growing vintage appliance family. Thank you, Roland, for your knowledge and expertise. We're delighted with our new/old boy!

Cindir R., 3/26/2019


Appliance City is the best. Honest, friendly, competent, and happy to help. I purchased a refurbished range, and they were able to deliver it to my wonky, second-story apartment within two days. They even haul away the old one. No banging into walls or scraping hardwood floors, these guys were consummate professionals. Also, if you're into vintage appliances, this is your spot. Not only do they have a great selection of refurbished old appliances, they also do repairs. So before you think about getting rid of that stylish old stove with a dead burner, call Appliance City.

Cydney F., 2/25/2019


We have purchased several appliances here and they always worked well. Their service is also reliable. They usually can tell me what the problem is over the phone, and they give me a quote for the service up front before scheduling. We recently had the computer board of our range replaced. The service man was on time, in good humor, quick to fix the issue. He had already acquired the needed part. I trust this company to tell me the truth and fulfill their promises. If I wanted another appliance I would go there first to check the refurbished stock.

Kathryn V., 1/2/2019


Appliance City is now my go to for all my appliance needs. I initially went there for a dishwasher for a rental unit. I was pretty surprised how reasonable their prices were so I had some doubts, but I was assured by a friend that they're pretty reputable. The dishwasher did end up having some issues as the warranty period was coming to an end. I told my tenants to reach out to them directly to schedule a repair while it is under the warranty period. Well as it goes, they didn't, so I went back to Appliance City a few months later fully expecting to buy another dishwasher. When I was talking to the sales rep he told me that they'd honor the warranty even though the time had passed. Sure enough they came out, attempted to repair it, and when they couldn't, they replaced it. I was so blown away by their service that I have since purchased a washing machine and a dishwasher for myself from them. Don't be fooled by the looks of their "warehouse." There are items there for every price range. From something modest for a rental to very high end items for a modern home. Also they have a lot of stuff tucked away in corners that aren't easily visible so make sure to ask for help

Rambod B., 10/10/2018


Painless washing machine purchase experience. They confirmed over the phone that the sort of thing we were looking for, and once we got there, we had seen it and purchased it within ten minutes. They were able to accommodate a Saturday delivery, and the delivery guy was on time and did a fine job. The machine has been working fine and comes with something like a 100 days warranty, and it seems like this is the kind of place that would work with you to get your machine fixed if it broke later

TK H., 9/11/2018


Mark fixed my dishwasher, gave me some helpful tips about keeping it in tip-top shape (don't neglect the food-scraping), AND recommended a brand in case it dies for good (KitchenAid). (I have a Frigidaire, which apparently is good for fridges but crappy for dishwashers.) Appliance City, you have a new loyal customer.

Holly R., 7/1/2018


This place is AMAZING! Everyone is nice and friendly and super helpful. This business exists for people like me who want used, new to me appliances. Why pay new prices. This is a garage style establishment, no fancy "showroom" If you want that go to Standard. These people work hard.

Megan M., 3/14/2018


Second review of Appliance City. I wrote one a year back about the great experience I had buying used appliances with Appliance City. Today I write b/c I needed a repair for my clothes dryer...something I did not buy from Appliance City but remembered their great service. Mark came a day after I called and fixed my dryer in no time. He was extremely kind and worked quickly and efficiently. The price was the least expensive I found and the quality of work is outstanding, not to mention their work ethic. If you need a repair, call these guys. They will fix your problem.

Jamie M., 3/8/2018


I visited this store recently for the first time and was blown away by the level of service and honesty. They talked me out of a more expensive item, answered all my questions, and then helped me find ways to knock the price even lower. I would go back in a heartbeat. I learned later that the friend who had driven me there had purchased multiple appliances from these folks over the years and had nothing but good experiences. This is clearly one of those old fashioned businesses that isn't out for the quick sale but is building long-term, trusting relationships. Thanks, Jason!

Wendy I., 3/7/2018


These guys are AMAZING. Always super friendly and knowledgeable. The customer service is impeccable. I came to them when I needed to prepare my first thanksgiving and my oven died the day before. They delivered a beautifully restored turquoise oven and they happened to have a matching fridge ON thanksgiving day. So impressed!!! This was ten years ago. Five years before that they had repaired a dryer on site. Fair priced and fast. I WILL ALWAYS RECOMMEND APPLIANCE CITY.

Haley H., 1/28/2018


Great place. Got our Whirlpool dryer here. Mike was very knowledgeable about different products they had to offer & made our purchasing a great experience. The delivery guy, Matt, was great as well! Will definitely go here again & highly recommend it!

Marcia W., 1/5/2018


I went to AC looking for a replacement knob for my dryer.. Not only did they have one, they gave it to me at no charge! While I waited, I noticed their amazing selection of appliances, both contemporary and vintage. This will be my first stop the next time I'm in need of an appliance. Thanks guys!!

Betti g., 12/29/2017


Thank-you Robert, again, for saving me 500 plus dollars on a new dishwasher. Some plastic pieces from my silverware basket , and a screw, had frozen the motor. He cleaned it out and it is good as new. Apparently, knifes break the plastic, and a screw off my crockpot lid had also fallen in to the motor.Total cost of repair $85.00.

Patsy R., 12/13/2017


I have purchased 3 appliances (fridge, oven, dishwasher) over the last several years and have been very impressed with the courteous, knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices, and their commitment to making sure I left with what I wanted and not trying to upsell me with a different appliance. They have a wide selection of appliances from vintage to newer models. When I needed a fix under their warranty period, they were quick to make things right with no hassle. I would highly recommend Appliance City.

Frank S., 11/25/2017


Astoundingly good customer care. I had several employees spend real time with me -- on the phone, no less, when I could hear in the background how busy they were-- and they went out of their way to describe every dryer in the store to me, in detail and with endless patience. Jason (hope I got that right) even went as far as texting me photos, as I couldn't get in to the store and was in desperate need of a working dryer NOW. They took care of every detail, and by the time I was home from work the following day, had a fully operating, new (used) dryer in place, and no trace of the old. I am hugely impressed, and appreciative. Thanks, A.C.

Kate K., 9/29/2017


Went in looking for a replacement broiler element for my GE range - extremely helpful - did not have the part - Terry said he could order me one and have within 2 days but I needed to cook dinner for my wife that evening so he called a different store for me to see if they had one in stock - they did. I promise I will be back for future purchases. I love that kind of service! Terry is a self proclaimed "appliance geek"

Bryan S., 9/16/2017


I think Appliance City is the best kept secret in Portland for the economy minded shopper. Appliance City offers quick turn around, economical options for appliance replacement.. Appliance City has a helpful owner and staff tthat does everything in their power to provide excellent customer service. I couldn't have been more satisfied.

Sylvain W., 9/1/2017


These folks were great. Robert was a big help from the moment we called, taking measurements to determine that they had in stock some options for our oddly sized refrigerator space. We were able to replace the fridge that broke on us unexpectedly with a little bit of an upgrade at a fair price. The clean, refurbished unit was delivered at no additional cost and the old one was hauled away for us. They even gave us tips on trouble shooting the dishwasher that had also recently gone out and had a few replacement valves for us to choose from to see what worked. Now we have a lovely new-to-us refrigerator and a dishwasher that works! Thank you, Robert! Thanks also to the proprietor, Mike, who answered our questions and was kind to me and my folks, who were in town for the whole ordeal. I would definitely recommend checking here first to see what they have!

Dixe S., 8/31/2017


After having a lot of difficulty with another repair service provider, I called Appliance City and they were able to come out the next day on time to fix my dishwasher. After two weeks of trying with this other company, I was so relieved when the repairman came and fixed the problem within 20 minutes. I'll definitely be calling again if I need help with any other appliances.

Alyssa S., 8/19/2017


This is the best company of any type that I have done business with. They solved my problem with a broken dryer really efficiently with wonderful customer service and they went out of their way to address the particulars of my situation. I needed a solution fast and all the other repair companies that I called couldn't help me until several days later, but I was expecting Airbnb guests sooner and needed to dry the sheets and towels really fast. Mike and his team worked really hard to help me in a tough situation and they made me feel so well taken care of. And they brought my stress level down completely!!! I am so grateful to them and will recommend then to everyone --- this is an example of a small local business that makes all the others dim in comparison. And on top of everything, they were very reasonable! I plan to call them again when I need to replace my washer. Totally the Best!!!!!!

Meghan C., 8/15/2017


This business is a pleasure to work with: fair, friendly, honest, and hard-working. Every time I buy something here I'm pleased with the product and the whole process. They even repaired something for no charge that I had purchased over two years prior. I really like doing business here!

Shelka W., 8/10/2017


I loathe shopping for anything used...yet Mike made it as painless as possible for me. He quickly gaged what I was looking for, outlined my options and even bypassed a chance to sell me a more expensive model. They loaded it into my truck and I was out of there in less than 20 minutes.

Thanks guys! You rock!

Sally L., 7/19/2017


These guys are always super helpful and easy to get along with. I have bought 2 fridges for home and work, a stove and a dryer over the past 15 years and they have never let me down. They are highly recommended to anyone looking to find a deal on a garage fridge or everyday user. Thanks so much!


All I., 5/25/2017


Great service through and through. Nice techs, sales, and delivery guys. They know their machines and how to treat people like people.


Jeremy R., 5/12/2017


This place has my highest recommendation. They were easy to talk to and buy a dryer. The dryer I bought had a 100 day warranty included. I blew a fuse and they came out without charge to fix it and educate me on all the things I was doing, which was killing my dryer. Thanks for the help.


Jay F., 4/27/2017


Absolutely recommend supporting this local business and the caring and knowledgeable staff.  You'll get a GREAT deal on all sorts of appliances. They went above and beyond when there was a miscommunication on the fridge I was buying. They took responsibility, removed the old fridge, and brought me a better one for my place the same day, without any extra costs.

I am sure I can also trust them to care that I had a good experience. This is a 3rd generation family business that has pride in getting you a good deal on what they want, and they have a 100 day warranty on everything they sell.

I liked that they also told me the caveats on certain models - and explained the reasons that these otherwise brand new appliances were so heavily discounted. They are also very responsive and helpful over the phone and via email. I'm a customer for life.


Arshad T., 10/20/2016


This review is far too long in coming since I've been a customer for years, but I just don't buy appliances that frequently so I didn't think to write one. But this last experience with them needs to be written up!
They are so great about assessing whether it's worth it to repair vs replace your appliance. Great used appliances that twice now cost less than the repairs.
The last great encounter was that I bought a fridge from them. They stand by their used appliances for 100 days which was a good thing since exactly a week after buying the refrigerator it appeared to be failing. At 4:45 pm on a Friday I called in a panic and they not only raced over with the part needed to fix it, but since they weren't totally sure it would fix it they brought over a loaner fridge! Luckily the part did fix it, but I still had the extra fridge just in case. Who else would to that?? This place is the best!


Stephanie S., 8/7/2016


Incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They helped us get exactly what we needed at a fraction of the cost. We literally saved thousands of dollars from what we were quoted at other stores. They delivered AND setup a washer/dryer and fridge less than an hour after we purchased it. COSTCO told us delivery would take 5 weeks, these guys delivered our appliances in 45 minutes. Really awesome place. Highly recommended!


Corwin D., 12/29/2016


I highly recommend Appliance City.  The employees are incredibly helpful and responsive.  I had a dishwasher that broke and called about a part to DIY the repair.  Not only did they locate the part for me, but they also talked me through the repair process, far exceeding my expectations.  In particular, Robert was knowledgeable, kind, patient, and generous with his time in explaining the repair.

Ultimately, I needed a house call to fix the problem, and the dishwasher was fixed and working in no time.  Efficient and friendly service, and these guys know their stuff.


Maggie R., 10/21/2016


I went to Appliance City after a friend's recommendation, and I am so glad that I did! Mike was extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgable. You can tell he really loves his job! He knew that I was interested in vintage, so we went on a tour and ended up seeing some really amazing restored pieces. (I should also note that they have a great selection of non-vintage appliances as well if that's what you're into.)

I ended up getting a BEAUTIFUL 60s chocolate fridge and a vintage golden washer/dryer set which work great and fit in so well in my midcentury modern style home! All for an amazing price. I will definitely be back whenever I am in need of appliances, and cannot recommend this place enough.


Kelly G., 9/27/2016


Appliance city is amazing! I've had to furnish a few rental properties and they have totally saved me as far as appliances. Great products. First class customer service. I am a convert. No more new appliances I'm going used from now on. You guys rock!


Stephani N., 8/30/2016


Went in because we needed a new washer and dryer. The prices were about as good as we'd find on Craigslist, they had a guarantee and delivered and installed them, and we even found a stove we really liked! Also, the guy who helped us (Mike) was super nice and knowledgeable. All in all, a very convenient, positive experience. Highly recommend.


Ruth K., 7/12/2016


We've dealt with Appliance City over the years, for a washer/dryer set, refrigerator and a portable dishwasher. The prices were good, the equipment in good shape and the folks who picked up the old/dropped off the new appliances were efficient an courteous. I'll contact them next time, and feel comfortable recommending them to you.


John C., 6/23/2016


I needed a replacement range and Appliance City had exactly what I was looking for.  They had me in and out quickly and worked around my availability for delivery.  They also hauled away my old dishwasher free of charge in addition to the range I replaced.  the prices were fair and the service was friendly.


Lance Y., 2/19/2016


Stopped by here looking for kitchen ranged hood. They didn't have what I was looking for but were super friendly, gave me valuable information about what I need to look for and where to get them. Thanks for the help guys!


Michael N., 11/24/2015


I really like these guys.  My situation: my fridge broke down and I need to replace it the same day. They were so helpful, I found a fridge and they delivered it the same day. It was even late in the day and they still delivered it, one guy said," of course we can deliver it today, you're our neighbor", that really stuck with me and made me feel good about these guys and the care they put into their appliances and customers.

If you are considering them, you will not be disappointed.


Lia R., 8/14/2015


I love these folks. On Sunday morning my fridge died. At 2:00pm I arrived at Appliance City; at 2:30 I left having purchased a refurbished fridge. At 3:30 they delivered it to my home. Great service, great fridge, great price! I could not ask for more. Thanks so much for making it easy to replace my refrigerator on a Sunday afternoon!


Jeri J., 6/20/2016


My husband and i have gone here to fix our coil in the stove, and our most recent visit was for a dishwasher. :-D

I am very happy with the service/help that I got with a portable dishwasher.  The staff is/was very helpful. Thank u for helping me also figure out the connection!!


Jolee W., 12/9/2014


I used these guys for a repair on my Kitchen Aid dishwasher. Wish I had discovered them sooner (found on google). Their office is only a few miles from my NE Portland home.

Robert helped me get my dishwasher up and running in no time.

The cost was very low compared to what was quoted by the nationally dispatched outfits. 

I will use them in the future for all my appliance repairs.


Dave P., 5/23/2015


Prompt. Nice. Cost conscious.  Could have sold us a bill of goods but did a simple effective repair instead. And came out the day we called.  Give em a shot if you're in need.


David B., 11/11/2015


Awesome service and affordable quality appliances from some of the best guys in town.  Got a great deal on a nice Whirlpool refrigerator from Mike (owner) who delivered directly to my house in less than 20 minutes within purchase time!  Delivery guy Matt was professional and prompt.  Did I also mention that prices are reasonable?  Likable, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.  Highly recommended!


Jasper J., 12/23/2014


These guys are knowledgeable, friendly, and more than willing to go that extra mile for a good customer experience. We brought a vintage stove in got repairs and it was unrepairable. Mike gave us a great deal on a slightly used washer, discounted it since we turned in our broken vintage stove. They really know what they are doing and how to please the customer. When we picked up the washer it had gotten scratched, they repaired the scratch, gave us free hoses and one gentleman even came to my house to assist getting it off our truck (we have a very high F250 and I didn't have to wait till friends were available to help). Thanks Appliance City. We will be back.


Jeremy B., 10/30/2014


When we need an appliance we know where to go, Appliance City.  We've been shopping here for over 10 years & these guys are the best. They have made special efforts to get us a new freezer delivered same day even though they were closing soon. Even though we moved further away we still went back when we needed a new washing machine. Thanks!


Robyn A., 5/22/2014


We've used Appliance City 3 times now. The first time they replaced our old drop-in range with a new (used) one. It's still working 4 years later. The second time, they repaired our 55 year old wall oven. So glad we didn't have to replace it because it is built in. It's working great 16 months later. Today we had a problem with our refrigerator. The guy who answered the phone suggested we try plugging it into another outlet - and whaddya know - it was the outlet! He could've set up a service call and made some money. These guys are great.


Jane F., 1/7/2014


Awesome guys! They found the part I needed and matched the price from another appliance store. Definitely recommend this place.


Angela K., 5/10/2015


We purchased our washer, dryer, and refrigerator from Appliance City.  The gentleman who sold us our appliances was very knowledgable and gave us a great deal for purchasing all three.  I felt educated about our choices and that all information was given in a straightforward manner.  There was a slight hiccup with the installation because our house was remodeled by morons, but they helped us to figure out a solution.  A++ for quality, service, and price.


Lisa W., 3/24/2015


I would highly recommend this place if you're looking for used appliances. They have a huge range of products... I was so happy to be able to replace the 3 burner support components on our 1968 Frigidaire Range, which works perfectly but is a hideous shade of avocado green. The place has been in business since 1962, it's legit. Friendly employees, great service, really cool business center, quality product.


Jen D., 5/12/2012


I am so happy with my experience at Appliance City. I had to find a complete set of appliances -- stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer -- and they were able to find everything I wanted and more for a price that was within my budget. Aaron was great to work with and listened to what I wanted and was able to find it all. I'd been to other used appliance stores and was about to give up because all I found were dirty, smelly and poor quality appliances. The appliances at Appliance City are clean and repaired -- even the refrigerators smell good!

I've been recommending Appliance City to everyone I know. They've got appliances in every price point and are the nicest people to work with.

The delivery also went very smoothly and quickly -- and, they took away the old appliances. I'm sure they'll be able to refurbish them or salvage parts -- I'm just happy with the new ones!


Carolyn T., 7/31/2013


We LOVE  appliance city. I work at a busy chiro/massage/acupuncture clinic in NE portland- and in one week our washer and dryer called it quits, and we use these things CONSTANTLY.- not only did the folks from Appliance City make it to us in less than 12 hours of us calling (once in the same day!) but the repair guy they sent (Mike, I believe his name was) was friendly and honest about the causes of the issue and the best way to fix it. Couldn't recommend them enough!


Bubba B., 4/1/2013


A little over a year ago our gas stove died. I found one at appliance city for a little over $200 that was rebuilt shiny and new looking and has worked great. Today we called about both of our washer and dryer. The man was out to look at it about an hour after I called. He said that the dryer was dead and the washing machine needed a $15 part so I bought a new dryer and got the washing machine fixed delivered at the old one taken away for $295 . This is a great place I can really highly very much recommend them


Kenny Z., 5/28/2014



Good service.


DukeMD69, January 13, 2017


Good deal all around, will order from them again when I need something.


Fred brockmeier, November 4, 2016


I was very Impressed with this seller. They had sold the used item in there store that I was going to purchase that was listed on Amazon so they sold me a new item they had in stock for the used price listed on Amazon.


John N., November 1, 2016


No problem with seller


Connie M., July 23, 2016


Refrigerator came with only 5 shelves. This filled the empty spot I had in door. Works well.


Timothy B., April 19, 2016


It work, thanks for quick response on my request on my mistake off my address,finally I went Cali to get it, good service


Huynh, Young, April 5, 2016


It might sound crazy but we were very excited to find the addition of a refrigerator shelf. We purchased the frig it then noticed there was something missing so thank goodness for amazon and Rose City. Fits perfect and is completely stocked. Thank You


Judith Brooks, February 22, 2016


Absolutely smashing service! Great price and top-notch super fast shipping. Product exactly as expected. Will definitely be a returning customer if/when need arises.


Ej, February 20, 2016


Thank you for the quick shipping


Randall B., February 14, 2016


Very pleased!


Paul C., December 15, 2015




David, December 3, 2015


Right fit arrived on time excellent price


Michael Duff, November 22, 2015


product as described & prompt delivery


Layers2, October 25, 2015


Item as described.


Amazon Customer, October 22, 2015


Good Transaction.


Dennis P., October 16, 2015




James Sexton, October 12, 2015


Wrong item ordered. Received a prompt refund!


NM, October 7, 2015


Product slightly different than the picture, but the seller let us know that before it shipped. Product was wrapped really well and arrived quickly.


SG, September 15, 2015




Gordon B., August 28, 2015


I received my order on time; however, there were some problems. I went through Amazon and the seller was notified and forwarded my email. He not only made my order correct, he refunded the ENTIRE order amount including shipping costs. He went above and beyond anything I expected. If I ever need products that he can provide, I will certainly utilize Rose City Appliance Parts again. Thanks!


e grantland, July 27, 2015




Rafael, July 11, 2015


came pack very well and great shipping


rockie, June 22, 2015


Fast shipping/as described.


hector, June 20, 2015




Daniel Vasquez, June 19, 2015


Came quickly and just as advertised


Paula Eaton, June 12, 2015


Seller did not have pictured items. Instead, sent new ones. Great experience!


Clarisa, June 5, 2015


This was marked as used, but seemed new. I am very pleased as it was less than half the cost of buying off other new sites. Other sites charge separately for the glass front piece and the bin. It was not exactly like the one that came with the fridge originally, but looks great.


Slr, June 2, 2015


Received exact item as shown. Matches my oven's broiler element. It installed and operates properly.


J R CORLEY, May 18, 2015


item was as it was stated ..thanks


geanine vonderhaar, May 18, 2015


After endless attempts to find a no longer produced burner for my range, I found almost by accident this seller through Apart from providing me the almost impossible part, his service was excellent, the burner is working perfectly well, and the price was very reasonable. Thank you very much Rose City Appliance Parts, you saved me from having to change the entire range.


Carlos Feder, May 5, 2015


Great communication. Oven is working great now! Thanks!


Kate, April 25, 2015


Product arrived on time and it was as described.


DickA978540, April 16, 2015


Quick shipment. Great to deal with


pauline hofer, April 6, 2015


I had to contact the owner Terry regarding my part and his customer service was outstanding! I will definitely use them again in the future for any of my appliance parts. Terry, thanks again!


caitlin cambria, March 25, 2015


I needed a long-discontinued part for an older range. Rose city had the part, part's condition was excellent, and it arrived in just two days, much quicker than expected. Great experience. Thank you.


Fruit grower, March 13, 2015




Lonnie D Keller Jr, March 12, 2015


Item arrived faster than expected and very carefully packaged. It was a hard to find, discontinued product. Great price. I would buy from this seller again.


VT, March 1, 2015